Friday, March 30, 2018


I seemed to have disappeared for a month. I got the great 2018 infection, which had me doing nothing for 3 weeks. Breathing, drinking tea, that was about it. I was so sick, I didn't knit for 3 weeks. It was weird. I am just finishing my antibiotics and hopefully, it will just be steady improvement from here.

I have a couple of Holy Week traditions. One comes from a happy accident. In April 1980, we flew from Montreal to London, planning to spend a week exploring the city before we left on a bus tour of  England and Scotland. Since neither of us had ever traveled outside of Canada as adults, it seemed like a good idea.

We went one evening to see if we could get cheap tickets to see Jesus Christ Superstar. We got in line at the theatre, to buy tickets and suddenly they were shouting "Two, anybody want 2?" I threw my hand up and we found ourselves with balcony seats for practically nothing, for a show that started in 5 minutes! I don't know if you can still do that but it turned into the highlight of the trip. The kids from the colonies were just blown away by the production. It was a Wednesday night, I think, so we probably had all the understudies and second string cast, but it was like nothing we had ever seen.

So, in honour of that occasion, I am playing the London cast album, and do, every Good Friday. My kids might well be doing the same with no idea why.

The other tradition, that my kids probably also do, is cut a branch of Forsythia on Palm Sunday. It looks like a dead branch, sitting in a vase.

It is a sign of hope, and faith, because, today, you see this,

A tiny bit of yellow on the branches, the little brown buds have a secret hiding in them. With luck, on Sunday, we will have flowers.

I received a gift, for Easter.

It is Romanian Easter bread. We are looking forward to trying it with our coffee, Easter morning.


  1. I love Jesus Christ Superstar, but I've only ever seen the movie....not a live production. I am jealous. I once owned the set of records, but they're long gone. Who knew vinyl would come back in vogue? Here's to you making a full (and speedy) recovery.

  2. I hope that Easter brings you good health again. What a fun night, with those tickets.

  3. Hope you are feeling better! What wonderful Holy Week traditions. I love the branch idea. Thanks for sharing. Sometimes a person feels like they are in a rut, and its nice to get new ideas.