Monday, April 2, 2018

Easter 2018

In case you were wondering, the forsythia did flower for Easter.

Free flowers, with just a bit of patience and faith that it will work yet again.

You can see the Easter table cloth under them. For reasons that I do not understand, the table cloth is a totally different shape than the table, and every year, I fight to get it onto the table. I use it for Easter dinner, then put it away clean for next year, when I will fight with it again. The cloth is oval. The table is oval, and the silly thing doesn't fit. But it is really cute with bunnies, and flowers all over it. So, I keep it, and complain that it doesn't fit.

The church ladies were asked to make a quilt in record time. I was sick, so I could only cheer from afar. However, I was asked to make a bag for the quilt. I was asked for pink florals, and thought, my stash? I am not a pink floral kind of person. Surprise, I found exactly the right fabric, in my stash.

My usual flat bottom tote, stabilized with quilt batting, in an oriental print. I guess at some point I planned an oriental quilt, but I never found all the fabric I might have wanted. The handles are a fat eighth of a tulip print.

More pink florals, who knew I had this much in my stash.

Of course, the zipper pocket needed a surprise. This are the last of my "dogs doing yoga" fabric.

And a button, to tell the recipient that there was love and prayers involved.


  1. Lovely oriental fabric, and more pinks inside. I would struggle to find pink florals in my stash. Golden blooms, they are bright and in time for the Easter table.

  2. Love the cheery flowers and the bunnies on the table cloth. Your bag is beautiful, wondered what mischief you got up to? Glad you are feeling so much better!

  3. Your bag is beautiful, and the button is perfect.