Wednesday, March 7, 2018


March is a fickle month. Last Thursday, it was warm and sunny. My grandson and I went for a long walk, enjoying the sunshine and the clear sidewalks. On Friday, we were to get snow. However, the snow missed us entirely. Today, we were suppose to get just a small dusting of snow. However, it has been snowing since before I got up.

March is a month for Pussywillows, and that is what the tree outside the window looked like, catkins out at the ends of the branches. This would be fine, except the tree is a maple.

I need to work on my machine embroidery and thread painting skills, because I can imagine this as a small wall hanging, after I simplify the photo.

I finished two of my three baby sweaters.

The navy one still needs its ends sewn in and they both need a wash to get the pet hair off them.

I started Number 3, four days late.

My eyes need colour, so this is a Baby Surprise Jacket, in crayon colours. I have some crayon buttons to go with it. This will be my fifth one of these. They are quick and easy, and travel to waiting rooms well.

I thought I would sneak in a picture of my two new additions, living with us, for now.

They look so cute when they are sleeping!


  1. Sleeping doggies, so serene. And more snow, surely it will slow down and show some signs of spring very soon. Pussy willow, we have them down here, and a very pretty tree when the buds just start to show.

  2. Sleeping inside out of the snow, what a good idea. Your snowy picture would make a beautiful embroidery! Cute little jackets, I love the crayon coloured yarn.

  3. Those dogs look like cuties. I'm impressed with your baby sweaters. They will make very nice gifts.