Wednesday, February 28, 2018

A Quilt For Virginia

Every year, a group of teens and adults from my church head off to Virginia to participate in a Habitat for Humanity build. The Quilting Circle hand quilts a quilt to send with them.

This is the quilt that will be heading south, next week. The throw cushion is one off the pew, it will be staying here.

I made it a travel bag.

The bag, of course, has pockets.

The quilt top was a foundling, left at the church by someone clearing out, I imagine.

The bag is made from some scraps that arrived at the church recently, a different person clearing out, I expect.

You know what they say about one person's trash.


  1. That is a VERY pretty quilt. And a nice bag, too!

  2. Beautiful quilt, is it tied and quilted by hand? What a wonderful gift to receive and with the most unique bag to keep it in, on its journey to its new forever home!

  3. Treasures for sure.I love throwaways, trash, or other goody finds. Love the quilt and bag. They will be so loved,.