Thursday, April 12, 2018

Pat Sloan Interviews Karen Neary

On Monday, Pat Sloan had Canadian quilt designer Karen Neary on her show.  You can listen here.

I have been a blog fan of Karen for quite awhile. She has inspired me to work outside my comfort zone. I have made 3 of her patterns.

In 2013, I made her Maritime Beauty pattern.

I did a test block first, and turned it into a mug mat.

I made the full pattern, but it took me quite awhile to actually get it quilted.

Just for fun, I also reduced the block and made it into a post card.

I actually cheated on that one and used fusible applique. The other two are paper pieced.

Next up, I made Polly's Posies.

I actually got that one finished in about 6 weeks. Miracles do happen.

Finally, I bought Karen's book quilting Beauties Come in All Shapes and Sizes.

I made "Thistles in the Heather" from the book.

Sadly, it has not yet been quilted. Obviously, I need a better list of my UFOs.


  1. I listened to that interview, too. I thought Karen represented us (Canada) really well. And I really like the quilts you made from her patterns. I may like the mug mat best of all! (You have converted me to the purple side.)

  2. I really like how you used that pattern in different ways, but especially the mug rug because it’s a unique shape for a mug rug.

  3. Anything that looks like a New York Beauty makes me shutter! And if you need a spreadsheet for UFDO's, I can share... lol

  4. New York Beauty blocks are not that easy, you did a fantastic job with all of these projects.