Wednesday, April 18, 2018

BSJ Completed

Spring is still hiding from us. In the past week, we have had snow, ice pellets, freezing rain, and then back to snow. My view of spring has been limited to my kitchen counter.

The picture was taken just before the snow started, yesterday, so it is kind of dark.

So, I put a push on and finished my Baby Surprise Jacket (BSJ). The BSJ has been knit nearly 30,000 times by the people who actually report it on Ravelry. The pattern was created in the sixties by Elizabeth Zimmerman, and holds the fascination of knitters, still today.

You knit a wildly lumpy block of garter stitch.

Then, you look carefully at the picture in the pattern, fold your piece, and you end up with this.

You must knit your first one, completely on blind faith, following the pattern exactly, and trust that all those other knitters can't be wrong. I have knit 5 of these so far. It still amazes me.

You need to seam the shoulders to complete it.

This time, I crocheted my shoulder seams, and I think it makes a nice match to the i-cord bind-off.

 Mitred corners!

This one is a bit large for Bear. I should make him his own, in fingering weight. This one is in DK, SMC Bravo Color, which I found in my stash. It still needs a button and a loop.

Bear thought this was a good choice. It was handmade by Cheryl of Grandma Coco's Designs.

Meanwhile, I have started making kits to go to my retreat weekend. I have learned that one should start two weeks ahead, in case something needed is missing, and must be ordered. I need some interfacing, and with luck it will arrive, today.

First two kits. They contain the fabric, hardware, zippers, a picture of the pattern, and the cutting list. The goal is to have everything cut and the stabilizers fused, before I leave, a week from Friday.

This one is still in the maybe pile. I am not sure I like my fabric choices, yet.

The zipper and the fabric are actually purple, but the dull day was working against me. I want to make a tote bag, but I think the panel is too white to use as an outer fabric. I love the polka dots, with the Kona panel, so they may have to become something else.


  1. That BSJ is so cute!! I'm glad you found a use for your teddy bear button.

  2. Lovely jacket, no sleeve seams to sew, the shoulder ones with crochet are great, and getting ready for your retreat, good planning well ahead might be the answer for us all.

  3. Bear is very smart in his BSJ, and since I have no need to make such a garment I haven't yet had the chance to try it out. The button is the perfect finishing touch. Spring is shy for you......and autumn is being very coy with us.

  4. The BSJ jacket is adorable! And you are so organized for your retreat - looking forward to seeing the fruits of your labour. Have fun!

  5. Hi Kate,
    Really cute bear, the sweater suits him.
    Have a great day!

  6. You are right, I must make that sweater. Thanks for linking up with Stitch'n Time.