Wednesday, August 8, 2018

A Couple of Throwbacks

Some years ago, before I began blogging, we went on self guided tour of the west. We went to Saskatchewan and Alberta. We swam in a saltwater lake, we climbed mountains. It was all wonderful.

As a souvenir of the trip, I bought a quilt kit at The Sugar Pine Company in Canmore, Alberta. I was a new quilter, and the quilt was probably way out of my league, and it sat, in my sewing room for months. When I finally finished it, I loved it. I still do.

First, the inspiration.

This is Lake Louise. The man in the picture is assembling an alpine horn, to play across the lake. We heard that he was travelling around the world, trying to play his horn in as many mountain locations as he could.

And this is my quilt. It turned out quite well considering I had no idea what I was doing. I kept going to the local quilt store to buy another tread to match the fabric. It is free motion quilted, something I had never done before. The kit was by Castilleja Cotton. It is a testimony to their designs that it turned out so well.

As souvenirs go, I think it was pretty special.

Meanwhile, I resurrected my 1001 Nights Shawl. I started it at the end of august, last year, so I am determined to finish it before a year has completely passed.

I have 4 more rows to go, then some 900 stitches to cast off. The pattern suggests a crocheted picot, beaded edge, but that isn't happening. I don't think it needs any more beads. After I block it, I will do a closeup, of the beads. There are over 1000.


  1. Such fine wool in your shawl, maybe 2 ply at the most. Lots of casting off but it is beautiful even before the finishing rows. Great memory quilt, love those tall trees.

  2. I love your quilt......friends have told us how beautiful Lake Louise is. Did you get to hear the alpine horn? Such a gorgeous delicate shawl too.

  3. That quilt and photo looks almost identical. Love the colour of the lake. Your shawl is gorgeous!

  4. Your quilt makes a lovely souvenir. And your shawl!! So many beads! I know how much work has gone into this shawl. Very, very pretty.

  5. I've been watching The Amazing Race Canada and there's a lot of big open spaces. The horn guy sounds like an interesting dude.