Friday, August 17, 2018

Journey of 1001 Nights

Last August, for reasons I no longer remember, I challenged my friend Cheryl to knit a newly released pattern, 1001 Nights by Anne-Lise Maigaard. 

I had knit her Alberta pattern, in 2016, and it was lovely. A LOT of work, but I loved it when it was finished.

This one took a tad longer, especially after I got to the point where I needed to get onto some Christmas knitting, and put it aside for a few weeks. I didn't pick it up again, until two weeks ago. I put a concerted effort into it, and now it is finished. It took me about 350 nights.

I was going to photograph it, hung from the fence, to show you the full size, but the Virginia Creeper has taken over the fence. I need to get my machete out.

There are 2251 beads, according to the pattern. I think I used a few more, if you count the ones lost in the couch cushions.

The yarn is Drops Lace, an alpaca and silk blend. The shawl feels as light as a spider web.

The beads are so tiny, it is hard to see them except in the closeups. I skipped the fancy cast off edge, because I just wanted the shawl done.

Look at those tiny beads, sparkling in the sun, yesterday

When I knit a shawl like this, the comments usually talk about wearing it on special occasions. I agree. It should be worn on Casual Friday, Monday, because it is Monday, basically, any day that needs to be made special.

This picture is for Jean in NZ, lover of gingers.

This is Momo, the latest guest at the Arts and Socks Kitty Spa. Momo is here to recover from hip surgery. Note the catfood all over his cone. He doesn't quite have the hang of cones, yet.


  1. It looks like a spiderweb sparkling with dew with all those beads! That is beautiful! I don't think I have the patience for such an endeavor.

  2. Momo,you are in the perfect home for some TLC and recovery. I can see those shaved places on each front leg, hope the hip will be 100% now. When one of our cats had to wear a cone, I had to hand feed her, as that plastic kept hitting the plate and she could not get to the dish. we tried taking it off for her to feed, but a huge protest when it had to go back on. In the end, left it off and used manuka ointment to help heal. Thanks Kate, gingers have a special place in my life and heart. p.s. beautiful shawl, and those beads, you have a heap of patience.

  3. Gingers are beautiful......we have had a couple in our life, over the years. Lovely to meet you, Momo, best wishes for a speedy recovery! Your cobweb shawl is absolutely beautiful and would spark up any outfit, no matter what the occasion.

  4. Mono is at the best Kitty Spa in the world! With so much love, Mono will be right as rain in no TIME. Your shawl is stunning.

  5. Wow. This shawl makes me want to work harder at my knitting. The reason I want to knit is not just to knit lace but with beads. In my mind, that's so hard. I don't know if I'll ever get there. Today I had to defrog 10 rows of my knit lace because my mind went into a zone and I thought I had done R1 but turned out I hadn't. And of course I hadn't put in a lifeline yet....