Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Since the blog is called Arts and Socks, I feel that socks should make an occasional appearance. I started these socks, so I would have something to knit while working the election.

The yarn is Stitch Please Sapphire Label, in Psychedelic Onyx.  I love the colour, and they are for me!

As I was nearing the end of the second sock, I happened across an article on sock toes from Kate Atherley.

I was intrigued, so I decided to give some of her suggestions a try.

The sock on the left is my usual toe, the sock on the right incorporates Kate's suggestions. The second toe does look smoother.

I started the toe decreases at the beginning of the sole stitches, instead of the middle, and I didn't do the setup stitches for the toe grafting. I must write this in my book, so I remember.

Although they look alike, the socks are not identical twins. The yarn was a self striping yarn that has two skeins dyed together, to make it easier to match the stripes, but I didn't set up my heel correctly to centre the rib on the instep on the first sock. I corrected that on the second, but I don' imagine anyone will notice.

This morning, we had toddler cardinals in our yard, taking flying lessons. I caught a picture of one, although they are very skittish at this age.

 Cute, isn't he/she? We have two families of Cardinals that visit our yard. I expect the parents are happy that the dogs keep the yard free of neighbouring cats, so their babies can take flight lessons safely.

BTW, the 1001 Nights shawl is finished. It is awaiting a dunk in the hot tub! Since that means some house cleaning is required, I hope to show it later this week.


  1. The toe looks wonderful, do you knit with 5 needles? I still have some that my Grandma used, back in the 1940's!!! They are so worn at the tips, but I cannot bring myself to throw them out. Love the yarn, and they will be so pretty, too good to hide inside boots or shoes.

  2. Those are lairy socks indeed......love them! Seems a shame to hide them inside shoes.

  3. Baby birds are normally fully grown before we see them, what a special treat. Love those happy socks.

  4. Love your socks - hope they keep you very cosy. xx

  5. Self stripping yarn sounds interesting. I have to look into that the next time I go to Spotlight.