Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Some Progress

I spent a large chunk of yesterday, helping out the young people in the family and doing government paperwork.

The young people all needed help. The local ones had discovered that in -24C weather, the little one's snowpants have somehow disappeared. By late January, finding more is difficult, kind of like finding a bathing suit in July.  However, I used the phone and found some. I just needed to go and buy them. Meanwhile the Maritimers asked Dad to repair something that would cost $700 to replace. That had been finished over the weekend, but it needed to be mailed. Fortunately both tasks could be done in the same general location. Mission accomplished, though I was cold for the rest of the day.

Since I was hiding indoors for the rest of the day, I decided it was time to attack some paperwork. One item required me to go online and use the information the government had sent to fill in an online form. Guess what? The information they sent me was wrong. I spent a total of about 3 hours, trying to get it to work, one hour was on hold to their help line. I gave up after an hour, without every getting off hold.

This morning, I called again, as soon as they opened. I was armed with a cup of tea and access to YouTube videos of Say Yes To the Dress. This time, after 45 minutes, I finally got a real person, who told me I was doing it wrong. After some discussion, I discovered that the paper was wrong, and what I had done was exactly right. So, they will send me new paperwork, in a couple of weeks. Then I will have to try again. My biggest grumble is that there is no way to tell them they messed up, except by calling another number and being put on hold, again. Someone else will have to take up that challenge.

So, this afternoon, I stepped into my happy place. I spent some time straightening up my sewing room. I managed to get the ironing board clear.

The rest of the room still needs work, but some progress has been made. I made the pattern for the first Bag of the Month for 2019. I have printed, cut and taped the pattern pieces. I even made a separate pattern piece for the outer pockets so I can fussy cut them.

I realized that I needed another fabric for my inner lining, since I didn't have as much lining fabric as I thought. After trying a couple of other things, I think this is the one.

Since the bag has a zipper on top, the inner lining will only be seen when I open the bag, so a perfect match isn't necessary. The fabric is a silly fabric with funny lines about quilting. It has the blue from the outer fabric. as well as the green, I think Tula Pink would approve.

The fabrics are all ironed, so I can start cutting.

P.S. I also got my stove cleaned this morning. All and all, a successful day.


  1. Your lining fabric is great fun! Dealing with government stuff over the phone can be such a pain, memories surface occasionally (very occasionally, thank goodness) of dealing with people over the phone after my mother died 20 years ago.

  2. Government peopleor any organisation, they do not like to admit they just MIGHT have made a mistake. I had this problem recently with the power company, and after several phone calls, was put onto the " Escalation Team" The lady there admitted the other people had given the wrong information, and as I wanted to make a formal complaint, in writing, offered me a financial rebate on the next power account.I accepted, but hope it does not happen to others. Good thinking to leave the phone and play with fabric.

  3. Playing in your happy place sounds like a very good way to spend an afternoon. I like your lining fabric!

  4. Isn't it wonderful that we have a happy place to go to? Looking forward to seeing your bag. I have found it difficult to contact anyone by phone these days. They all want my contact info, but finding a phone number on their websites is difficult

  5. Love that you had a plan B while on hold. Bet you saw some dresses and got inspiration from the bride's to be. You will have a very special bag, the lining can tell a story or two...

  6. I don't know what -24C feels like but it sounds crazy. I would probably just stay next to a fire and never leave. You have so much patience to stay on hold for so long. I always give up after 5 min. I too have some government papers to take care of. It's quite clear what I have to do yet I keep putting it off. It involves my retirement funds so I really should stop procrastinating.

  7. Your description of slow simmer frustration at the system circling the drain is so funny. Geez, so common in our automated times. When we finally get to talk to a real person they must need a sword and a shield to handle our feelings of frustration and relief. "Now what was my point, dear operator?" The other situation, finding snow pants and gear, also I've been there. I simply love how you write about those everyday things with your happy ending being your sewing room. My happy place as well! I scrolled through your blog since this is my first visit, and I love your taste in fabric. Very quirky.

    We like all of the fabric to be fun, and when you are searching inside a tote bag for something, the inner fabric matters! I can also relate to the silliness of finally cleaning off a space. My spouse can't understand why my sewing room looks like a bomb went off even though I say I clean it up every day. That is just how it goes. I am looking forward to getting to know you via your blog.

    Happy Sewing!