Monday, February 18, 2019


As a grandparent, one runs the risk of being exposed to little peoples' viruses. We both managed to get what we are calling Daycare Virus 2019. Of course, the little guy was only sick for about 5 days. We have been coughing and sneezing for 4 weeks now, and counting. The good news is that we are improving.

Meanwhile, outside, it has been snowing, and snowing, and snowing.

This is the view from my living room window.

This is the path we have cut to the front door. The sidewalk underneath is ice. Leaving the house is an adventure. The city has done some plowing, but we keep finding spots that they missed. Some, I fear, will be lost for the rest of the winter.

On the up side, we are now over the hump and will start sliding into spring, over the next 6 weeks.

My house plants have been trying to cheer us up.

The amaryllis has bloomed on the first flower stock. There are at least three more flower stocks in the pot, you can see two of them in the picture.

The Christmas cactus has decided to be a Valentine cactus, and its efforts are appreciated.

I have not done any sewing in nearly a month. However, I made another Charlotte Bonnet for a baby due soon.

It just needs its last end tucked in and an i-cord for the bonnet string.

Today is Family Day, which for us means no commitments, so we have been doing some much needed tidying, a bit of laundry, and some cleaning. I bought some zipper by the metre, and managed to get it put away.

The colours are rather boring, but the rest of the bag usually makes up for it. Now I just need to master adding zipper pulls to size 5 zippers, since I have only done size 3 up until now. I have 3 bags on my list to make right now, so I need to get back to my sewing.


  1. Do you believe in getting flu vaccine? Last year a bad flu was going around Singapore and both my kids got hit really hard. This year I'll make sure they get the vaccine because we can't have them miss school. I love zippers by the yard. I used to be able to get beige, black, red and black. Recently I noticed the shop I go to started stocking other colours as well. I'm so jealous. Back when I was making and selling bags, I begged the shop owner to bring in more colours... Is it hard to add zipper pulls? Either I'm doing it wrong or I'm really good at it. I insert one end thru the fat part of the pull tab, then insert the other end. Adjust/wriggle to get both even. Slide through.

  2. Sorry to hear you have been unwell but glad you are coming out of it now. Your flowers look beautiful and the little bonnet is sweet. xx

  3. Oh dear! Good to hear that you are shaking off your lurgy. My heavens, that is a heap of snow and ice......I can't imagine that much snow!

  4. The flu needs a name that sounds way worse. It is no fun. Glad you see the light at the end of the tunnel with regards to winter, I needed to hear that. It is snowing here, on top of icy driveway and roads. Le sigh. Intrigued by the zipper action, will investigate further. Thanks.

  5. Dear Kate

    So glad you are feeling better! Your flowers is just the cheer you need with all the snow and ice. We will be glad when spring finally arrives and the snow disappears.

  6. So happy you are 'sliding into spring'. Seems a long way off from where I sit. Too much freezing rain and ice this February! Love your flowers - and your optimism.