Tuesday, January 1, 2019

My Annual Summary, and Plans. Or Getting Stuff Done

Since 2014, I have summed up my year, to remind myself that I actually do get stuff done. So, here we go again.

First off, the important stuff, the animals.

January saw the death of a friend and fellow dog lover. He entrusted us with the care of his dogs, so our pack grew to 4. The most elderly of the group joined his old master a few months later. It was sad, but it was also time.

So now there are 3 dogs, which keep us very busy. It is amazing how much more work an extra dog can be. However, Dolly, and Doug have welcomed their friend Ozzie into their space with much less trouble than we would have expected.

The extra dogs have taken time away from the foster cats. We were smart enough to realize that in the beginning, the cats would just be too much. We returned to fostering in August, and have had a total of 5 foster cats this year. This is Bubby, our currently sweetheart. He likes to watch TV with me.

So my completed artistic projects:


Hats     2
Baby Sweaters    4
Socks    4 pair
Shawl    1
Cowl    1
Mitts    2 pair

I currently have the second of a pair of fingerless mitts on my needles and a couple of shawls I need to decide if I am going to finish, or not.

My biggest accomplishment was to finish my 1001 Nights Shawl. I blogged about it here.


Sun Hats    2
Shorts     1
Table Topper   1
Bags   11
Mitten Clips    11
Other Craft Sale Items    22
Quilt Top    1

Oddly, my most popular blog post was for this bag.

I'm not sure why it was so popular.

I blogged a total of 40 times here, and a few more times in another blog I am doing, not craft related.

I kept track of my fabric coming into my stash and the fabric leaving, in the form of completed projects. I added 12 metres and used 14.25 metres, so my stash is down 2.25 metres. The good news is that it didn't get larger. Perhaps I should track my yarn as well, this year.

For Christmas, I gave my sweet daughter-in-law a quilt top with the promise to finish it. So that will be first up for 2019.  I can't even remember when I made it, but it was a kit, so I have the backing and the binding.

The first step on the way to completion is done. The cat has laid on it.

It got his approval, I think, though he can't figure out why I am laughing.



  1. A quilt is not done until it's had the feline seal of approval. Well done, you have had a productive year!

  2. Well done! You have done an amazing amount of finishes. Animal friendship is always so good to see in action. Your dogs can teach a few people how important the value is, of a friend and a family. Cats know when the quilt has passed the test. If the cat avoid the quilt, we know we have a problem. Making a list or a few more of the projects in my sewing room...

  3. You've made a lot of stuff! Seems you've had a very good and productive year. I've put off learning to knit with beads. The other day I bruised my hand knitting a few rows of a shawl. Keeping track of fabric takes so much discipline. I buy when there's a good sale and then promptly forgot I bought the fabric. It's my scrap fabric I want to get rid of. I have mountains of them.

  4. Great idea to document your production. And you've been very productive this year! Bubby has good taste. 😊

  5. Your knitting is fabulous! I keep buying yarn and knitting nothing. Tracking fabric is something I never thought of. Quilts, on the other hand, - for that I use a spreadsheet. LOL Btw, I love your crafting partner. Adorable.