Monday, February 25, 2019

One Day Only!

I have started sewing my new bag, and today I have pictures of the part that will not normally be seen.

The bag is The Ring Sling, and is the January bag for the Bag of The Month Club.

The pattern has you make the lining first. I am trying something new, for me. I usually cut out all the pieces, including the stabilizers, then do the fusing, then, finally sew. I find this method to be tedious. I spend a lot of time not sewing, then I just sew. So this time, I prepared just the lining pieces, and sewed the lining. Yesterday, I cut the main fabric and started attaching the zipper. Today, I finished the lining.

The lining is ready for the rest of the bag.

However, to admire it properly, I turned it around.

See, doesn't the lining look nice.

This is the slip pocket side.

A closeup of the pocket, that shows the sections for my phone, my pen, and my business cards.

And the zipper pocket side, with both the pocket zipper and the outer zipper going in the same direction! I usually manage to get the zippers going in opposite directions.

The weather has been dreadful, with rain, freezing rain, snow, wind. This gives me lots of time to sew.

My amaryllis has been giving me a break from the weather.

More flowers have appeared and there are still more to come.

Meanwhile, while I was admiring the flowers, I noticed this in a pot that was brought in to overwinter.

One tiny Sweet William flower, just the thing I need to make me smile.


  1. I like your inside-out bag, the lining is a fun fabric. Don't envy you your winter weather; we complain about summer, but all that ice and snow would make life difficult.

  2. Your writing gave me some aha moments. I have usually proceeded like you, cut everything, then fuse, (Yawn!) and finally sew. The fun part. I really like the idea of switching it up and getting some reward in the process, kind of like having dessert first. Your lining is very fun. Makes me want to explore in your purse! And yes, I smiled, too, when I saw your little single william. I had a similar moment last fall, realizing that I was growing a moon flower in my hanging petunia basket. I brought it in to over winter and hope to get a head start on summer flowers. Thanks for such an inspiring post.

  3. I just love the quote about her fabric stash, your bag will be a hit! Just what we all need to cheer us all up, with all this snow. What is the outside of the bag?