Tuesday, March 5, 2019

I Should Have Known Better

This is the outside of my new bag. It just has a small problem. The fold is suppose to be where the cut edge is. This piece will have to be used to make the base of some future bag, because it won't work for this bag. As I was cutting it, I was thinking about which side the fold was suppose to be on, so I have no idea how I managed to cut it backwards.

The good news is that I have more of the black twill. The other good news is that I cut the pockets exactly correct. That's a good thing, because I only have half a metre of this fabric.

Because I wanted to fussy cut the fabric, to make sure I got the cats on the pockets, I made a full pattern piece, and cut it flat.

The second pocket, which seems to be almost exactly the same, is cut properly, too. I have full cats for both sides.

This is Tula Pink Tabby Lane that I have been hoarding for awhile. I had a hard time finding it because nobody around here seemed to be selling it. I found it while I was on a shop hop, at a shop out of town.

My incremental bag making continues. These will have their interfacings fused, and then I will attach the lining, before I go back to the outer pieces, which have to be recut.

Last week, I made a pieced binding, for the church quilt. There wasn't enough of the jelly roll the top was made from to make the full binding, so I took some scraps from my stash and some from a friend's stash

The pieces at the top are from the quilt and the pieces at the bottom are the volunteers. I used pieces 8" or longer, and cut the full width of fabric pieces in half.

It is surprising how long it takes to sew little pieces of binding together to make about 300 inches.

This is the end of a morning's sewing. The binding is now trimmed, folded in half and rolled, to go onto the quilt, tomorrow. I will post a picture of the completed quilt.


  1. You're not the only one to have ever cut pieces wrong, I once cut two left sleeves for a dress and they couldn't be switched, left was definitely left and right was definitely right. Off to the store for n=more fabric......

  2. Years ago my Mum told me about another lady, she thought she didn't have enough fabric to finish her dress ( in the days when we all sewed everything), then found a piece to cut the sleeve, then found it was the skirt!!! this is true.Love the cats. they are a beautiful piece of fabric.

  3. just to add to the funny sewing, today is our older daughter's birthday.She was about 3 months old, and I had sewn a lovely blue corduroy frock for myself, felt fairly smart, to wear to my cousin's wedding, we all met a few hours drive further south, then Mum said, Do you realise you have the fabric upside down" I had, the smooth was the wrong way. Now I know it should be the rough finish going down.Never mind, I always loved that cornflower blue frock.

  4. Your bags always look beautiful and funky when they are done. No one would ever know about the pattern piece which ended up sideways. Sometimes we think of something else, while we are busy doing a lot more sewing and then the gremlins arrive, things go haywire and we end up with something not quite the way we planned. It is only a problem, when we do not have enough fabric and have to get very creative to fix the fix?

  5. Love that cat fabric! But then ALL your bags turn out great. I also love the colours of your church quilt. Very pretty!