Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Knitting in Hope of Spring

After a hint of spring, we were back in the freezer, last week. My sewing consisted of working on the church quilt.  However, chilly afternoons are perfect for spring knitting by the fire.

First up are some fingerless mitts. It may be spring, but it morning walks will still require a little warmth for hands.

They still need blocking and their ends woven in, but they are wonderfully soft. The pattern is Barn Swallow Fingerless Mitts by Cheryl Toy.  The yarn is Drops Baby Alpaca Silk. It is always fun to make a project from one ball of luxury yarn. This yarn is very soft.

This spring, there will be lots of water as all our snow melts. Little boys need to wear rubber boots, and rubber boots need warm boot socks.

I should have them finished, today. The pattern is Purl Soho Toddler Socks. The yarn is Opal Sock Yarn, left over from some big boy socks. I am currently playing yarn chicken to finish, but I have some similar yarn I can use to finish the toe. I need a second pair for when the first pair gets wet.

I have returned to my Wild Swan Shawl.  I made a mistake and I didn't have the brain power to find it, previously.  I recently pulled it out, and found the mistake, fixed it, and it is proceeding, slowly.

I am hoping the yarn will show the pattern better, after it is blocked. However, you can kind of see the feathers starting to form.

I should have chosen something lighter in colour, but this was in my stash. I am trying to knit down my stash and use all the lovely yarns I have. My bins seem to be full, so I shouldn't need much for a while.


  1. those soft mitts look wonderful and a lovely pattern.Socks, never too many and love the stripes as they knit up.

  2. Just looked up Wild Swan shawl......what a beautiful shawl that will be when finished! Little tackers need bright socks, for sure. Your fingerless mitts are very pretty, hey look so soft....but won't your fingers get cold? Mine would.

  3. Those fingerless gloves are gorgeous. Socks knitted by Nana, perfect for gummie boots. The colour of your shawl would make a swan feel like a Queen. Your knitting is beautiful and inspire us all.

  4. Three beautiful projects! The fingerless mitts are very dainty.

  5. Your mittens look gorgeously soft and I want some!! Love the cute little socks too and yes, I can just see the feathers. Happy knitting. xx

  6. My knitting has mostly come to a halt. It's super hot here plus humidity is high and the air quality is bad due to pollution from a nearby country. So the last thing I want is more itchiness. Sometimes I dream of living in a cooler country but I love Singapore too much. The socks look cute. I haven't learnt to knit socks yet.