Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Disappearing Pinwheels

On Friday, the church quilting group is going to make Disappearing Pinwheel blocks. A kindly unknown quilter was cleaning out her stash and gave us, among other things, a package of 10" squares. So we are going to use those with some contrasting fabric to make these blocks.

If you look on line you can find more than one explanation on how to make them. Last week, I created a sample and we spent the morning arranging the blocks in a way that we liked. I believe that there are at least 11 arrangements of the blocks that produce something pleasing.

So I sewed around the edges of 2 squares from my stash, and cut them on the diagonal.

I cut the pinwheel block (after sewing) into 9 blocks.

After we played with them, we ended up with this.

Yesterday, I took the good fabric and made 2 more.

My camera was not doing what I wanted. The dark fabric is royal blue with dots of shades lighter blues and turquoise. The precut blocks are yellows greens and blues.

I see a seam I think I need to straighten, a bit.

I still see snow everywhere. I am tired of boots and heavy coats so I invited some spring in.

Amazing how much pleasure $3.99 can bring.

A friend asked if I could make a sweater for a baby girl arriving in her world, soon.

This is the 5 hour Baby Sweater. I have no idea how long it actually took, because I wasn't knitting continually on it until it was finished, but it was pretty quick. I need to steam it a little to get the button bands to behave. Then I will add buttons, and it will be ready.

The foster cat is learning how to live the good life. I found him stretched out in a sunbeam, this morning.

I hope you find a sunbeam, this week.


  1. My quilt group used that block a few years ago, lots of blues on a white background, but we arranged the pieces differently. I love your flowers - blue and yellow is always gorgeous! Hello kitty......

  2. Those quilt blocks is funky, amazing what happens when you start to play with the block layout. Your baby sweater is a beauty, one for lucky little baby girl. Now cats are experts at finding the heat sources. One can measure the heat of the day, by the lengthy of the cat? We are all ready for spring, those flowers just make us wish, our gardens were full of blooms.

  3. Lovely flowers, and a cat to complete the happiness.

  4. Your quilt blocks look great - they are going to make a stunning repeat. Isn't it wonderful how a few flowers are such a pick-me-up! xx

  5. I've never made a pinwheel block before. But that might change. Recently I became interested in incorporating blocks into my pouches. I think the 2nd blue pinwheel with the good fabric looks better. Somehow when the background fabric has larger motifs, the blue pinwheel pops more. Over here it's still hot. Since April is coming, we get the big thunderstorms as well. In fact we had one earlier. Singapore thunderstorms are rather frightening. I hate to be outdoors when there's one. Chances of getting struck by lightning is high.

  6. I love the magic of your pinwheel block! And the baby sweater is sweet!