Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Spring Cleaning - Week 2

I put in my 30 minutes, yesterday, and I found a long forgotten project.

I started this quilt longer ago than I can remember. My memory said that I set it aside because it was too "Christmas". Why would I put a lot of work into a Christmas quilt?

I pulled it out and looked at it, yesterday. I realized that I had done a good job on the piecing, and if you take away the green border, it doesn't  look very "Christmas" at all. The fabric is actually much more cream than the picture shows. It was a very grey day when I took the pictures. I can replace the green border, with a red, tone on tone border. Best of all, someone has asked for the finished quilt.

So it has moved from the give away pile to the "to be finished" pile.

I purchased some "mini bolt boards" also known as comic book boards, to wrap my fabric around and make it tidy. Some ironing may be required. I bought 100, I wonder if that is enough.

I see that my toss toward the wastebasket missed and you can see a discarded envelope in the background. I've since picked that up.

I am test knitting a shawl for a designer, more on that later, but this is the start.

Winter just keeps hanging on. Apparently we are on day 157 of discernable snow on the ground. So brightness is required.

 Currently blooming in my kitchen! I am also forcing some forsythia so it can grace our dining room table, on Easter.


  1. What a pretty quilt!!! We've got blooms here in Philadelphia, but the temperatures are still alllll over the place. On Sunday we were toasty, yesterday chilly winds tried to blow us away.

  2. Golden blooms are so cheery, and to have them bloom for Easter is wonderful/

  3. That quilt with a red border will look absolutely stunning. Winter needs to leave, cannot believe just how much snow is still arriving and it is the middle of April. Love the cheery yellow bulbs, just the thing to brighten up our days

  4. Great to work on UFO! Pretty quilt, and beautiful flowers!

  5. Your too Christmas quilt looks lovely. I like the colour and fabric combo! This may sound crazy coming from me but you're so lucky to have snow. The heat is killing me over here. April was supposed to be cooler but it got more humid if that is even possible. (it is)