Wednesday, September 4, 2019

A Tote Bag

I seem to keep getting lost, but I have been working on things.

I started a new shawl that I plan to finish this week.  I finished one sock and promptly cast on the second so the first wouldn't be lonely.

And I made a tote bag.

It was a commission for a friend, who wanted a gift for a lady who runs an alpaca farm.

The applique is the logo for the farm. I traced the pieces onto paperback fusible web. I carefully labelled them as to the colour of the piece. I now have an extra set of animals. It seems that I don't bother to read what I write on the pieces so I have a black llama and a white alpaca sitting on my sewing table, with the opposite label on them.

I used my standard tote bag pattern. It has a zippered top.

Two big interior pockets.

I also did a faux binding on the top to add a finished look to the bag.

I actually remembered to add my label.

After I quit looking at the flaws, I think it came out very well. My client was quite thrilled because it came out much better than she had pictured.

I feel a couple of "squirrel" type projects calling to me, and I think I may indulge myself.


  1. That will be a Very Useful bag, I suspect! The gorgeous batik lining fabric is calling me........I may even have some in my stash.

  2. I haven't made a commissioned bag for a long time. I often find it stressful because you know expectations may differ. So it's nice your client liked the bag.

  3. Nice bag! No wonder your client was happy. I find myself wondering what a squirrel project could possibly be.

  4. Love the applique, the bag came out absolutely beautiful.

  5. Hi Kate,
    I love your appliqué! I’m sure it is worrying making for a commission. It must be so hard to make sure each of you has the same idea of what the final piece will look like! And tough when you are spending a lot of time making that item.
    But this bag looks great! Love the lining, the pockets, the faux binding, and the great zip closure!
    Now I’m inspired to make a bag I’ve been meaning to start for a while, well maybe after Christmas!! My list of “want to makes” is getting longer each day!
    Well done with your wonderful bag!
    Barbara xx