Thursday, February 6, 2020

February Begins

The groundhog did or did not see his/her shadow, which means we only have about two more months of winter left. Winter usual ends about the end of March or the beginning of April, with the occasional blast toward the end of April.

So, I was delighted to see this in my dining room.

Looks positively tropical. I think I should have been drinking something with an umbrella in it.

The azalea is showing us that winter means nothing to it.

The amaryllis bulbs have started to sprout. They spent last summer on the patio, and have just decided to wake up after a nap in the sun room for a few months.

Meanwhile, a new scarf will make my winter look better.

This is the Pembroke Scarf, and it is knit in hand dyed yarn I bought at a yarn festival, last fall. Lots of great spring colours, there. I just need to weave the ends in.


  1. I have been surprised by hibiscus blooming in Toronto in October - outside! - so it doesn't surprise me that yours is blooming too. Yes, definitely a drink with an umbrella and served in a coconut shell.....or perhaps in a pineapple.

  2. Is that the Global Warming the people are talking about, such luck to have a hibiscus bloom in winter anywhere. Love that deep red shade.

  3. Love the happy shawl, especially with all this snow. Perfect for winter, those plants make us dream of spring and summer time.

  4. Pretty flowers! Pretty scarf! Our amarylis is waking up here, too.

  5. We have hibiscus in our estate too. This flower is found most commonly in primary schools in Singapore. I don't know why.

  6. Indoor flowers blooming are so cheerful. Your plants look very happy, and well cared for. The scarf is lovely. I wonder what stitches you used? I'll bet it is soft. Scarves are my wardrobe go-to. No matter how casually I dress, a scarf makes me feel classy.