Thursday, February 27, 2020

Snow Day

The city is closed today. Originally we were suppose to get 37 cm of snow but I think since some of it came as rain, we will only get about 15 - 20 cm. The roads are a total mess, and we have been asked to stay home. My kids are working from home, so they didn't bring my little buddy for his grandparent day, today. This was Doug's reaction when I told him.

He looks dismayed.

Outside the world is dull and wet.

However, my dining room conservatory is showing hope of spring.

The amaryllis will flower soon. Beside it, the Christmas cactus is in bloom and that azalea just keeps going. It is a joy to step in there.

Ravelry suggested a pattern to me last week. Although I don't need another knitting pattern, this one sucked me in. It helped that I had the yarn available in my stash. So, I started a spring shawl.

It can be my Lenten project, and I will try to finish it by Easter. The pattern is called Floatini. The grey yarn is a merino and silk light fingering and the hot pink is mohair and silk. How could I not?

Meanwhile, I continue to create order to my sewing space. This week, I added an IKEA storage unit called Trofast. It is sold as toy storage, in the kids section, but I now have two of them to store bits in. This one is entirely for purse hardware and goodies.

The drawers are labelled things like "straps" and "closures". One drawer is still empty. Having dedicated homes for stuff really makes the tidying simpler. On top of it is my cub car/ venturer van from my days as a Venturer Advisor. It won second prize in the beauty category for leaders, at the cub car rally. Of course, like all good minivans it doesn't go very fast. My son took first in his category for speed. I first blogged about it here.

I also placed these drawer organizer boxes on the top of the fabric storage. They are to hold the current WIP so that finished bits don't wander.

I splurged and bought a new ironing board pad and cover (It was $10 at IKEA.) As you can see, I haven't put it on yet.


  1. Ikea is coming down here to NZ, there might even be a first pop up store up a further 6 hours north of us. Love the shelves and the bins, and having them with labels is a great way to find what you want the first time.

  2. Well done on the organisation! Never mind, Doug, your little guy will be able to visit again soon. Such a wet white world - I can see why your flowers are so cheery, my choir in the Big Smoke used to sing "Adieu, Sweet Amaryllis"......but she was a girl, not a flower.

  3. It looks amazing, now you can find just what you need when you are making bags. Poor Dug, now he has to wait until the road is in safe condition before he gets to play with his buddy!

  4. Shopping spree at IKEA!!!! I could use one of those myself pretty soon.

  5. That's a lot of snow. I usually make my own ironing board cover but I do it the lazy way - i.e. I handsew the fabric around the ironing board. Removing it is a chore, so is putting it back on. I've bought ironing board covers before but they never fit. I'll buy the Ikea one if it fits their small ironing board which I had bought from them.

  6. Awwww... poor Doug, He does look disappointed. I'll be interested in how your amarylis does. Ours (all 3) put up secondary flower stalks, for a 2nd round of blooms. Amazing.