Friday, May 22, 2020

Catching Up

Since the world has been closed down, I have been trying to blog every week, to help remind myself that I am still managing to do good things. However, I seemed to have missed a week. So, I will try to catch up.

First, the weather has suddenly changed to summer. Today it is 28C, with clear skies, Not a snowflake in sight. My garden, that had snow two weeks ago, decided to do spring, in a hurry.

The daffodils don't like the heat.

The hyacinths are less particular.

The forget-me-nots like to travel around the yard, and pop up in the most surprising places. The dandelions show up where ever they like.

The tulips are having their own Tulip Festival.

Did you ever see something on Instagram or Facebook, and think, "I have to try that." ?  While I saw a picture a couple of weeks ago, and just had to try it. I looked at the tutorial, and decided that the piecing could be achieved with foundation paper piecing, even though the designer suggested EPP. So, I printed out the pattern, and dug into my scraps. I have been working away at it, slowly.

It is rather purple, so far, but that is about to change.

I am doing the piecing on my old Singer machine, and I had to add a light, one dull day. I decided that I loved the look. 1939 meets 2019.

The futuristic OTT desk lamp on the table next to the Singer. The Singer does great straight stitch, and the OTT light makes it much easier to see. The light on the machine isn't enough for me. I suspect it is what you get used to.

I had an AHA moment, last night. I was making some masks and blindly following the pattern. When I got to the ties, I carefully sewed the ties together, on the sewing machine. Then, I realized that it would be much quicker on the serger. I think I did 4 in the time it took me to do the first tie by sewing machine. They may even look neater.


  1. Your flowers are pretty! I like your futuristic light - it's very swish. Perhaps black wasn't the best colour for machines, it swallows light......but perhaps earlier Singer macines were like Ford cars, you could have any colour you liked so long as it was black.

  2. It's also 28 deg C over here right now but our skies are cloudy and it's been thunder storming on and off this week. I have to ask. Why 2019?