Sunday, May 31, 2020

No Job Too Big, No Pup Too Small

A certain young man told me, the other day, "Nana, I need shorts with POCKETS." It seems that this essential element is missing from all his shorts, and since it has been warm lately, he has been wearing a lot of shorts.

I had a pair of shorts cut out for him, but I had used the last of the fabric, so I had to think of a work around.

Last fall, while I was at quilt retreat, I picked up this fabric. So I cut two six inch squares to make cargo pockets for the shorts I had already cut out.

I learned when my own boys were little that the serger is your friend in making kids clothes, fast. One trick I learned and still use, is how to pin pieces that are going to be seamed on the serger.

If you place the pin about 1.5 inches from the cut edge, the fabric stays where you want it, and the pins stay away from the blade.

In a fairly short time, I had a finished pair of shorts. I believe these will fit his requirements.

I have a complaint for the fabric companies. Skye and Everest only appear on a separate fabric, which comes in pink or lavender, and the rest of the characters are on red or blue. If you don't know the characters, Skye and Everest are the "girls" and the rest of the gang, Chase, Marshall, Rubble, Rocky and Zuma, are "boys".  I can't think of any reason that all the characters can't be on all the backgrounds. (It is also scary that I know the character names.)

Meanwhile, the socks keep piling up.

These are tiny socks from leftovers.

I started a new sock, in spring colours.

They will cheer someones sock drawer, next winter.

And, of course, masks.

The pattern is called the Valami mask and you make them in batches of 5. I do find the process of making masks kind of depressing. I don't need one at the moment, because I am hiding at home. However, stores are starting to require them, so I am making a few for friends and family.


  1. Well done on those's like a foreign language to me, but I think The One And Only is into superheroes and knows all about them! Those are very cute socks.

  2. Oh, yes, kiddie shorts definitely need pockets for all those treasures they find along the way. Paw Patrol--perfect, but I agree: they should all appear on the fabric. How very strange that they are separated. Not weird at all that you know all the names. I bet you know the song, too. Mask making is depressing, but I think there are some of us that will be wearing them for a long time, and the more people go out, the more they will need to keep things sanitary.

  3. I've made one each for my husband and myself, one each for a friend of his and his wife upon request, and a couple for my daughters adn their families. I don't like seeing people selling handmade masks... I wish our communities here in Ontario would make it mandatory to wear one. The socks are adorable! So tiny!! And great idea on the shorts - yes, I hate not having a pocket in some clothes, like yoga pants if I wear them to walk my dog. I was contemplating getting out my serger this weekend...haven't used it in 8+ years yikes. Quilting really has taken over my sewing life. Thank you for linking up with DrEAMi and for chasing squirrels that bring you joy. Good point about the sexism. Enough already on all of this nonsense.

  4. Great shorts, and how cool for him to ask you, " Nana" a wonderful name that says how much he loves you and vice versa.

  5. Love the shorts, they rock with pockets, for all the treasures he will be finding.

  6. I think your shorts look even better with contrasting fabric pockets. Good job, Nana!