Sunday, July 26, 2020


Sandra, over at mmmquilts has a monthly link up DrEAMi (Drop Everything and Make It) where she asks to see our squirrels, the projects we just had to do.

After my mask manifesto last week, I decided I needed to make my grandson a new hat. He comes to play with us once a week, and Dad never remembers to bring a hat for him. The point of his visit is to play outside while socially distancing, something that is very difficult in his townhouse. So, he needs a hat. He has been wearing one of mine, but I thought I'd have the fun of making a new one just for him.

The fabric is from a line called Purely Canadian, Eh! Summer BBQ. Let's face it, nothing says summer in Canada like a bear cooking salmon on the grill, or a moose riding a paddle board.

Bear tried it on, but says it is too big for him. Funny, the grandson's hat used to fit better. 

This is the side with the moose playing in the water.  Yes, the hat is reversible. 

Fits him, much better than it does Bear. The best part is that he likes it. Now if we can just keep it on his head!

I actually made two hats (technically 4 because you put one hat inside the other to make them reversible), and one is on its way to Edmonton, to adorn the head of another little boy.

And because this is suppose to be about squirrels, Doug would like to know where the squirrels are.


  1. That is fun fabric for a fun hat! Hello, Doug......I can't do you a squirrel, but you could come here and chase a kangaroo. Or two.

  2. Your hat is fabulous, Kate! Did you make your own pattern? Very cool. And Doug is still as photogenic as ever.

  3. Cute hat. I need a hat too. In Singapore if you wear a hat out, people look at you like you're crazy even tho' Singapore should legally be a hat country since it's so shiny hot most of the year. Caps on the other hand are acceptable, and even considered cool.

  4. That is a cute hat! Can it be made in an adult size? Visiting from Sandra's DrEAMi link-up and enjoyed discovering your blog!

  5. Squirrel? Where is It? That is such a fun game. The hat looks amazing and bear knows the young tyke is growing bigger every day!

  6. What a terrific post to start my day with a big grin! Those hats are the best! I made some similar for my girls when they were little, to match their si dresses I’d also made. You have little ones in Edmonton too? Though mine is not so little anymore! Thank you for linking this up with DrEAMi!

  7. That’s the cutest hat! Sometimes I wish I were a kid and wear fun things like this. (I might try to pull it off, but my husband would stop me.)