Saturday, July 18, 2020

Moving Along

Recently, another quilter that I know (not a close friend) asked if I had made masks. Then she asked how many I had made, and proceeded to tell me how many she had made. I didn't know it was a competition.

I have made masks for friends and family. I have even donated some to a charity that supports homeless youth.

This one is mine. Since I mostly stay home, I only need one.

I don't enjoy making masks. I find them boring, kind of like mending. There is little creative potential. I find that they have taken a lot of time away from my more artistic endeavors. I found myself doing other stuff (also not creative) to avoid making masks.

So, for now, I am done making masks. I have put away my box with the patterns and supplies. I am going to do something more fun. I am calling it self-care.

I saw a project earlier this week that I wanted to try. I ordered fabric for it on Wednesday, and it arrived yesterday. Thank you, Funky Monkey Fabrics, for the great service. I can't get groceries that fast!

It is washed, and laying on the ironing board. The pattern is printed. Lets see if I can get this done quickly. It is going to be fun, and funky, and yes, those are bananas on the fabric.

In the evenings, I am knitting baby things. I know two babies that are on the way, in the fall, so they will need to kept warm.

I am making a Baby Vertebrae Sweater in DK yarn this time. I found it in my stash and wanted to use it.


  1. That is fun fabric.....and cheerful too, yellow is always cheerful. Your yarn will make a very cute sweater. Our town hasn;t had a case for over three months now so we haven't had to wear masks, but it's a different story in the big cities.

  2. I've made a grand total of 3 masks, 1 of which was a sample to test the size. Hubs likes just the one I made with Darth Vader print. My kids and I use the reusable cloth masks (either black or white) given by the government and a charity foundation. We have so many now there's no need for me to make any. Strangely lately I've seen hubs checking out fabric masks for sale when we're out. Like suddenly he's so into interesting prints for masks. Perhaps I should go through my fabric stash and offer a couple more to him.

  3. Masks is not about the numbers. Love the funky monkey fabric. What are you going to make with it?