Wednesday, July 8, 2020

The Cat Came Back

In case you didn't have kids when I did, this is the literary reference:
And now you will have it stuck in your head, all day.

You might remember Mystique, our foster cat from April last year until January this year. She is a sweet little girl, but her complex heath problems proved a barrier to her being adopted. We all rejoiced when she found a home, after Christmas. After Mystique, we took a break from fostering. We knew our beloved Dolly was getting increasingly frail and we felt we didn't have the energy to take on a foster.

Last week, I got a note from the shelter, telling us that she had been returned to the shelter, and could we please refoster her? So she is back at our house. She is now officially Misty, although we sort of called her that all along.

She doesn't look too upset to be back. She came in, checked to make sure everything was where she left it, and has settled in with us again.

I started a shawl, in May, using yarn I ordered on impulse, right after everything shut down here. I saw it on Instagram, from a hand dyer in Edmonton, and it called out to me. I clicked the button and it was on its way.

This is what it looked like in the skein.

It is turquoise, hot pink, and purple. Why do cameras hate purple?

And this is what it looks like as a shawl.

That pattern is Turtle Lake by Melinda Measor and the yarn is Allison Barnes Yarn Basic Sock in "Ask My Pronouns Respectfully". The shawl used slightly less than one skein. These times demand yarn in bright fun colours!

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  1. Poor Misty.....she must have felt very unsettled, not knowing where to hang her hat! That's a pretty scarf. Cameras don't like some greens either, especially if it's tending towards darkish yellow-green; I used to edit for a patchwork magazine, and we dreaded having green quilts submitted because they never looked as good in photos as they did in real life.