Saturday, August 8, 2020

Some Knitting, and Other Finishes

Baby things are just about my favourite things to knit. They are small, quick and fun. Just tell me that there is a baby coming into you life and I am off.

So, today, there is a baby shower in Calgary. I wasn't invited (which is fine, because I couldn't have gone) but my friend, the new grandma, was happy to have me send a gift.

So, first up, I made a Baby Vertebrae Sweater. I've made several New Born Vertebrae Sweaters. It is a free pattern, that you can find here. 


It was a very dull day when I took the pictures, and the flash just seemed to wash out the colour, so this is the best picture I got.

The yarn is a Bernat DK yarn, no longer available, that was tucked into my stash.

I also, of course, had to make a Charlotte Hat.

The baby will be born in Calgary in the fall. She is going to need a hat.

So this is what I sent by Xpresspost this week. It arrived yesterday afternoon, just in time for the shower,

I also finished my latest socks.

They almost match! The yarn is a hand dyed stripe I picked up at a yarn festival, this fall. I am doing pretty well at finding what I need to knit with, in my stash. I've only bought one skein since March. And my Christmas box is slowly filling. 

I also started another batch of Hand Sanitizer Pouches. Since not everyone likes cats, this time we have Moose.

When they are holding a bottle of hand sanitizer, they are a bit heavy for a zipper pull.

After days of rain, the weather has turned back to something more seasonal (28C instead of 34C), and we are enjoying it.


  1. Lovely baby goodies, and a hat that is so pretty, they will be just the thing for a cold Canadian winter.

  2. Very cute baby knits - they will certainly be needed in Calgary! Love the (almost) matching socks, that's very cheerful yarn. Is the moose fabric by Robert Kaufmann? I was given a FQ of a fun moose design at a quilt store in Maxwell, ON., and it's similar to yours.

  3. What? Not everybody likes cats?? :) Everything you do is beautifully done. I don't really mind mis-matched socks, but I do admire the way your sleeves match the striping on the body of the sweater. Good job!

  4. Love the sweater and baby bonnet! New babies are such a joyful gift. The moose looks good. Very modern!