Sunday, September 13, 2020

Six Months In

 We have now been going to church on Zoom for 6 months. While it is kind of strange to know the church building is only a few blocks away but we can't be together, there are some up sides.

I really enjoy a cup of tea and my knitting while I listen to the service. I get a lot of sock knitting done on Sunday mornings. I also get to enjoy the company of these sweeties.

They have been known to get a bit noisy during some of the quiet parts, but no worse than my kids used to be.

My new Covid addiction is Tamari Almonds, that I make in my oven. They are not as salty as commercial ones, and so tasty. I use this recipe.

I made a batch this morning. I have a big Costco bag of raw almonds in my cupboard that is dwindling fast.

One rainy day this week, I made a bag.

This is the third time I've used this IKEA fabric from a few years ago. I've nearly used all of it. The pattern is the Peanut Tote from UhOh Creations. 

The corners are boxed into the seam and make a nice design feature on the outside. I made the bag on the serger and was done in about an hour. I think I'll make a couple more, but I will make them smaller. This one is very large.


  1. I have the same Ikea fabric! I've made 2 bags out of it. I'm not too crazy about the print tho'. In the past, Ikea sold some really amazing fabric but they were discontinued. When you carry your Ikea fabric bag out, do you fear people telling you they have a couch cover/curtain in the same fabric as your bag? No? Just me?

  2. G'day to the doggos! Love that Ikea fabric......sadly our nearest Ikea is in the Big Smoke several hours away, and we're keeping well away from the Big Smoke at present.

  3. Great bag! Like the fabric too!
    Barbara xx

  4. The almonds sound good! I must try it. I just took roasted chickpeas from the oven. I love them and they’re expensive to buy them in the health food section.