Saturday, September 5, 2020

Another Month - Not Much Accomplished

 You would think that with all the time I am spending at home, I would have a lot to show, however, it doesn't seem to work that day.  We are entering the seventh month of self isolation, and I have no finishes to show you, this week.

My hibiscus tree has been summering on the patio, in the dappled shade. It has been moved back into the sunroom, as the nights have started to get colder. This morning it gave us this, for our pleasure during breakfast.

The tree was a gift from my mother and I think we have had it for about 15 years. It is happiest if it spends it's summers on the patio or sunroom and the winter in the dining room.

Back in April, when it became clear that it would be a long time before I could go out shopping, again, I bought a full share from a local Community Supported Agriculture program. I pick up my basket, along with a dozen fresh eggs, in a parking lot, on Thursday afternoon. It's kind of like a drug deal for foodies. We get a share of whatever is currently being picked at the farm. This week, I could hardly lift my basket. I sliced up a tomato this morning for breakfast.

That was just one tomato. We got lots more in the basket. We optimistically planted some cherry tomatoes in patio pots and we are getting a bowl full of tomatoes every second day, from them. I am giving tomatoes away!

I did manage to turn the heel on a sock.

 I think I started these about 3 weeks ago. I am proud of the fact that I remembered to centre the pattern on top of the foot, before I started on the heel. 

I also started a new shawl, because one knitting project is never enough.

I am going to assume that the loose stitches will balance themselves when I block it. The yarn is a wonderful skein I picked up at trunk show. It is from Indigo Dragonfly. They are known for their lovely colours and funky names. This colourway is called Beige. The yarn is a merino/cashmere/silk blend that is lovely to knit with.

Good news! New Blogger has fixed the frustrating separation of upper and lower case labels.  Now they are back to simply alphabetical order. As well they set the default picture size to medium instead of extra large, so I don't have to fix each picture. Maybe they should have fixed all the problems before they asked us to switch.


  1. Down here when we were in a total lockdown, I didn't think I achieved much at all, but when I looked back, place mats, just the tops, they are still waiting to be finished, and several of my friends here said they lacked any motivation. Your weekly goodies, what a huge tomato, and to know it is all so fresh, a huge bonus not to have to go into a store. Cherry tomatoes do so well in pots, I am hoping to do the same this summer, years ago our daughter had about 12 plastic pots, mostly the small cherry variety, a few of the larger ones, and the crop was massive. Two knitting projects, always good to have a choice,

  2. I like the idea of a 'drug deal for foodies'! Beige is definitely not......beige, is it? It's my kind of beige!

  3. 'A drug deal for foodies!' You crack me up, Kate!

  4. Wow, your hibiscus is so beautiful. We have a little hibiscus shrub below our flat but it's community property so no plucking allowed. Also, it seemed to have stopped blooming. My family eats a lot of tomatoes but the ones we get at the supermarket aren't very good. The big juicy ones are ridiculously expensive. The cheap ones are very pale and shouldn't be allowed to be sold. I haven't been blogging much so I haven't noticed much about the new interface. The html view is awful tho' as the fonts are so small and all the codes are strung together. Typical of big corporation making us do the testing for them. Well, blogger is free so...

  5. Love the colours on the blog this week, it says happy and I know it!