Saturday, September 26, 2020

Not Really A Squirrel

 It is actually a chipmunk.

This is my Mini Maker Case for the Mini Maker Case SAL. I used some of my Tula Pink fat quarters.

It has foxes on the bottom part.

This is the back.

And there is a sleeping fox on the bottom.

The interior is kind of wild.

I was disappointed with this sew along. It was billed as suitable for an adventurous beginner. However, the directions were not always clear, and sometimes they were not at all the way I would do them. My beginner friend got some unsatisfying results when she used the methods given. We ended up having long video chats to get a result she was happy with. I wonder how many beginners gave up, and blamed themselves for not being able to finish.

Okay, off my soapbox. On to some pictures for my friends in warmer climates. We take autumn colours for granted but in much of the world, they never get to see this.

This is the tree in my neighbours' yard.

The Virginia Creeper that has climbed my spruce tree.

Surprisingly, the frost didn't get these Morning Glories. 

And the old curtains have managed to save the tomato plants so we might get a few more, this fall. Last week, we had 4 nights of temperatures near zero, today, the high was 25C. Crazy.


  1. The Tula Pink fabric was a perfect choice for the bag. I have often scratched my head trying to figure out why instructions are not written clearly. It makes you wonder if the designer used pattern testers.
    What do you do with curtains to protect your tomato plants?

  2. Such beautiful colours - thank you! Morning glories are a weed here; our winters aren't severe enough to knock them out, so they grow all year round and swallow fences and buildings......foxes are a pest here too, but I like your chipmunk bag. Chippies are cute.

  3. Ah, those colours, we get those deep shades in the far south where the autumn days are a lot colder than where we are. Here, we are3 in form, and it has reached some places already, a massive storm, snow to sea level , gale winds, and torrential rain. A high of about 2C tomorrow way further south. Curtains, as good as any frost cloth.

  4. Beautiful finish on your Mini Maker Case! I like that fabric you used for the lining.

  5. This style of bag (I guess train cases?) have always been my favorite. I've followed a few patterns, and you can always tell who is experienced with bag-making via the techniques used, and who, for some reason, makes life difficult :) I'm loving your fabrics, too!

  6. Your bag came out so pretty and the "wild" interior goes well with Tula Pink! Love those fall colors! Here in Southern New Mexico, I used burlap coffee bags to protect my plants...sometimes it works, sometimes not. I'm also curious how you use your curtains.... :)

  7. Oh the colours here are splendid aren't they? Here on Lake Erie they are just starting. We haven't had any frosts; don't usually have to worry about that until mid-October :-) I'm sorry to hear about the disappointing SAL, but I love how your case turned out! Thank you for linking up your chipmunk (grin) with DrEAMi!

  8. Ah, yes, it does depend how experienced the maker is, that’s so true! I mostly don’t follow instructions, once I’ve cut out all the pieces I’m off and mostly work the way I know. I love the chipmunk and the sleepy fox! Temperatures here are getting lower too but no frost yet, thank goodness. I think we had 4°C a few nights ago. Still have tomatoes and runner beans growing!
    Nice to get the glimpse of the fall colours.
    Keep safe and well!
    Barbara xx

  9. Yes, the SAL made me think at how you made a bag at quilt retreat. Remembered what you showed me and did some steps your way. It made more sense, so I am grateful you taught me your way first. Otherwise it would be frustrating and in the end it was a case of sewing without looking at the instructions. The binding on the outside would be much more user friendly for newbies. Love the tree, fall is here!