Friday, October 30, 2020

It's Halloween, Already

 This staying home really seems to make time do weird things. My goal to post once a week has again failed. Oh, well. 

My old friend, Bear, is modelling one of the 12 Halloween masks I made as Halloween gifts.

Here are some more of them.

I also made gift bags and filled them with some Halloween goodies. I almost forgot to take a picture.

That bright striped fabric was hiding in my stash, having last been used to make costume elements for one of my sons for a school play. Been resting for a while. It turned out to be an excellent match for the fabric. 

The bag fronts and many of the masks are from two panels from Ruby Star, called "Candy, Please". I like that the one panel was four fat quarters from the line. I hope more companies choose this method. It makes fabric easier to buy and store.

A friend of very long standing (we met in kindergarten) asked for a pair of baby socks for her granddaughter. That was an easy request to fill. However, there was still some space in the envelope so I added a couple of other things.

I hope she and her granddaughters enjoy a little treat. Masks and hand sanitizer pouches seem like odd gifts to show one cares, but it is the current way.

Meanwhile, this is my setup for church on Sundays. The computer connects to Zoom, the tablet holds the order of service, then I have my sock knitting and my tea. My book club setup is much the same. This is how we gather in groups, now.


  1. Bear is a super model, no fidgeting as he sits, and a gift that is made with love and extra goodies, practical is the way we all have to be now to stay safe. Book clubs, services online, and so much more, I am so thankful for the internet and all it provides.

  2. Bear does a good he in line for a raise, do you think? Churches have recently re-opened here but with strictly limited numbers, and you have to book in first as though you were dining at a restaurant. "I'll have a pew for two, please"......

  3. You are super organised, Church on Zoom you have down to a fine art. Those socks are ready just in time. The flakes started this afternoon, can not say that we are ready for them yet. Bear is a fantastic model. Stay safe, so we are not doing treats this year.

  4. Here in Singapore, we've also slowly adopted Halloween, mostly by commercial entities. Us Chinese have a month long Hungry Ghost Festival. I dread it every year because it means a lot of burning of incense paper. If I'm the president, I would outlaw burning of incense paper. It's a very sensitive issue, politically so no one in power ever brings it up. I'm really hating online classes and meetings because when the kids are attending one, I have to keep very quiet. I am shushed a lot at home. I feel very childish and want to throw a tantrum. If I'm the president, I would outlaw shushing. By the way, the fabric for the gift bags are adorable.

  5. I think that is a cool setup! I don't imagine knitting away and drinking tea merrily IRL church would go over so well, lol. Great squirrels of masks and bags you chased, and thanks for linking up with DrEAMi!

  6. Great masks and bags Kate, and I love the model!
    We didn’t have any callers this Halloween, and now we are in lockdown again!
    Lovely socks and gifts for your friend!
    Ha ha, we’re all getting used to Zoom these days aren’t we ..... nice that you can do your knitting too!
    Barbara x