Sunday, October 11, 2020

Thanksgiving Sunday

 It is a year when it is a little harder to be thankful, however, we are all safe and warm, and for now, that is enough. I will be thankful for that.

I had one of those weeks when creativity was hard to find. My most creative endeavour at one point was sweet potato dog chews.

You slice sweet potato thin and dry the slices in the oven at a very low temperature. Unlike some baking projects, the point is actually to turn them into shoe leather. You can buy them at the store, already made, but this way is cheaper, especially on a chilly day. The plate was full, so obviously they were a hit.

I started a sock for my little guy.

Just a plain vanilla sock, not much creativity, here (just warm feet).

Then I watched a video from Just Get It Done Quilts, where she suggests sewing your scraps together as a way to get your creativity going. So I grabbed a bag of scraps and did this.

Not anything great, but they are big enough to make a couple of zippered bags. After you apply some interfacing, I expect they will be fine. It also raised my spirits and got me thinking.

I went into my closet and found a Christmas table runner, in need of a batting and backing. Of course, since I was on a roll, I pieced the batting from some scraps, and found the backing, that was already to go.

It is now batted and backed, and in need of a bit more quilting. I'm sure it won't be hard to find it a home.

While I was in there I found more potential Christmas gifts, in need of a bit of work. I guess I have my projects for the week.


  1. You have had a productive week! Love the cute socks.

  2. It has been hard to be motivated, but to be safe, have a warm home and fabric to play with, family to knit for, or sewing for friends, as down here we have been relatively safe compared with those of you up North. Keep warm as your winter nears, we are in spring, it is raining and I have lit the fire.

  3. Well, you are full of inspiration! At least, you've inspired me! Thank you for the link to the video. I have a huge collection of crumbs, and many or mine are truly crumb-sized. Your Christmas runner is gorgeous! Love the socks, too. Your little guy is very lucky. Happy Thanksgiving, Kate!

  4. One very happy dog! Happy Belated Thanks Giving, it has been a year of years. Your projects looks like they are going to give you back your creative mojo. Those projects bags will put a smile with their colourful prints.

  5. Gosh I’d never heard of those dog chews! Very clever idea!
    Nice sock! Sounds a good way to get your creativity moving, I’ll go and look at that video, thanks for the link.
    Love your Christmas tree table runner, very pretty!
    It’s a horrid rainy day here today, who knows maybe I’ll be able to get stitching today.
    Keep safe and well,
    Barbara xx