Monday, October 5, 2020

Autumn Glory

 I went for a walk, the other day, when the weather was perfect for taking pictures. I actually remembered my camera, so I will share some with you.

This is on the multiuse trail through the park behind my street.

This is the Alice Wilson Woods. It is a place where the Canadian Shield pops up above the ground. The land has been turned into park with hiking trails where we can walk. (Alice Wilson was the first woman to hold the job of Geologist in the Canadian government, and one of the first two women to become Fellows of the Canadian Geographical Society.) 

A tree doesn't change colour all at once. This one seems to be conflicted. I feel the same way about autumn. I, too, want to keep one foot in summer.

This one was striking with its bright colour against the cloud.

This smoke bush is a perfect compliment to the maple beside it. 

The leaves have started to fall, so the cleanup will come next. We enjoy the colours while we can.

My friend Corina finished her Maker Case as well. Corina and I had a couple of video sewing days together to make these. I think she did a very good job.

I love sewing with friends. so I will be doing a video sew day again, soon.


  1. Well done to Corina! Ah - I love those colours, haven't seen them for two years. Thank you for a little taste of Canadian fall!

  2. Very nice photos of the changing leaves, Kate! The colours are particularly vivid this year. And Corina's bag looks very professional! Good job to you both.

  3. Way to go Corinne! Your casemturned out very well. Love the Autumn colours. You look like you had fun on your walk.