Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Christmas is Coming

And, as the Grinch found it, Christmas will come, as it always has. In my little bubble, we have a few gifts for family, mostly handmade. Church will be on YouTube but I can enjoy it, without worrying about the weather. 

 The tree is up, and mostly decorated. No cats to climb it, so far.

The cookies got sent to far away family, so I am baking more.

My grandson was quite upset when we discovered that the dancing, singing mouse was not working. So, Grandad, the electrical engineer, replaced her switch, and Nana, the mechanical engineer, replaced her stuffing and sewed her back up, as good as new. I have an odd love for singing, dancing rodents. They have all been gifts from my children, who foster my weird loves.


A friend has a birthday, this week, so I made her a pouch to keep her mask in. Hopefully, soon, she can use it for something else.

Finally, in the silly department, I pulled out a nativity set for my grandson, and somehow, it ended up like this.

There are dinosaurs, guarding the baby in the manger. (Those are the Advent candles, and I will renew them on Thursday night, when they will all be lit. In our tradition, the candles are green (hope), blue (peace), yellow or gold (joy) and red (love), as an inclusive representation.) On Friday, the Wise Men will start to move around the house, as they journey to Epiphany. My kids took turns hiding them and waiting for me to find them. This year, I get to hide them for my grandson.


  1. It might have to be a quiet Christmas, but it can still be fun. Best wishes to you and your family, Kate! I suppose your little guy knows about the NORAD Santa Tracker?

  2. Christmas feels so different this year, And more so for you all up North. Love the candles, And the repairs, our grandson, now 23 plus, hAd a blue teddy, who was repaired many times by his other Nanna and me, new feet, paws, ears, and more. He did last for many years, maybe at least 20!!! Hope you have a blessed And safe season.

  3. It's nice to read about Christmas traditions. We don't celebrate Christmas so I've always wondered how it is celebrated. Hiding stuff sounds fun!

  4. I don't see what's so weird about a singing and dancing mouse. At all. :)

  5. Dear Kate,

    What lovely traditions to pass onto your grandson. Those rodents are very cute, a few of them grace our house. The cat loves them, so why not. The cookies look delicious, will they make it through the mail? Always worry about that one when the cookies gets mailed. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Stay safe and keep the bubbles tight.