Thursday, December 31, 2020

The Year We Didn't Expect - 2020

 This was not the year we expected. On March 15, the province went into Covid-19 lockdown, and did not start to reopen for months.  I figured I would have lots of time for my sewing and knitting, but I had not figured in the amount of time just managing the restrictions would take. No more jumping in the car to go out for a meal. All meals became home-cooked. (I think our takeout score is 3 pizzas and an order of Swiss Chalet.) Hours were often spent trying to figure out where I could get something I needed delivered to the house. 

Sewing became mask-making for a time. Masks become very depressing and boring, rather quickly. When I had to make some masks, I would find myself procrastinating. 

However, last night, I finished what is probably my last completed project for this year. 

The hat, that I made too small for my grandson, has been reknit. It is now bigger, and longer, so I think it will fit. 

Bear, who has happily modelled all my little hats (and masks) for years says that he can't do the grandson hats anymore, but he guesses this will fit. 

So, my summary of finishes:


  • 33 masks
  • 5 tote bags
  • 4 purses or pouches
  • 2 table runners
  • 1 quilt top
  • 2 bucket hats
  • 3 bibs
  • 24 hand sanitizer pouches
  • 1 pair of shorts
  • 1 pair of fleece mitts

  • 8 pairs of socks
  • 3 shawls
  • 2 scarves
  • 1 baby sweater
  • 1 baby bonnet
  • 2 hats (or the same hat, twice)
More than I thought I had done. I also attempted sourdough, I might try again in 2021. I learned a lot of new technical skills, like depositing cheques from my tablet. I can now host Zoom meetings. I have been working to keep in touch with the groups I belong to, so we will not be completely disconnected.

I was surprised to discover that I have not done a lot of reading. I saw yesterday that this is a common problem right now, and the phase "readersblock" has been coined for it.

I'm not going to speculate on what might come next. I will be doing my planning, week by week, with lots of freedom to change my mind. 

May you have a happy and safe New Year.


  1. Happy New Year. We just crossed over to 2021 28 mins ago. It's been such a long stressful year. You have finished an impressive number of items! (hello bear!) I'd love to hear about your sourdough journey. It's been hit and miss for me for a while but now I've got the hang of it but only for sandwich loafs. Keep safe and I look forward to reading more of your posts in 2021.

  2. Happy New Year Kate, Down here it is almost 7 a.m. the sun is shining, the local fire alarm has gone off, so the volunteers will be out to save a home or a life. The year was also different here, although our restrictions did not last for so long, motivation during lockdown had vanished, and each day I tried to do something innovative, but lacked enthusiasm. Your list is impressive, I hope for you and yo0urs 2021 is a Happy and safe year for all.XXX And Bear, you can hide your face in any hat and still be a grand looking fellow.Love the hat in its remodelled style.

  3. Happy New Year, Kate! Our restrictions/lockdown didn't last as long as yours, but then we have a smaller population - so not as many cases. Restrictions/lockdowns are still being placed and lifted, sometimes we don't know just what we're allowed as it can change from day to day......or so it seems, to me. Just tell yourself, this year will be better.....onward and upward.

  4. Yes, we all are very happy 2020 is behind us. As for readersblock that explains a lot. You have a whooping list of finished projects. Hopefully we will be able to get back to a more normal this year and more positive and a happy future. Thank goodness for hobbies which keeps our hands and minds sane, we needed it this past year! Happy New Year to you!