Sunday, January 17, 2021

Done is Better Than Perfect

 I have finished my mystery quilt (well, the binding needs a bit more sewing.) There are a couple of things I'm not completely happy with, but it is finished, quilted, trimmed and the binding is sewn to the front. 

We had snow yesterday. Not unusual except that we have not had significant snow since November. I got up, yesterday and saw this.

They look like magical halos on the fence. They are actually the tomato cages we hang from the fence to keep the dogs from tramping on them in the snow.

In the dining room, we have a touch of spring.

It has lots more flower buds, so we should have flowers for quite awhile, yet.


  1. Had to look twice at the hall's. Your quilt looks amazing and just the right kind of bright for the cold months.

  2. Our cold spell has ended. It's still not as hot as normal. It's 28 deg c at 1pm as opposed to 30+ but it is perfect temperature for proofing my bread. Unfortunately I'm too lazy to feed my sourdough starter.

  3. Had to chuckle at the snowy halos......perhaps some angels have lost theirs! That's a very cheerful quilt, and very cheerful flowers to brighten up your winter.

  4. Pretty blossoms. How's your amaryllis doing? We only remembered to check ours yesterday, and it had already put up a flower stalk. It's amazing how resilient and determined they are.