Friday, January 29, 2021

Winter Blahs

 Being in Lockdown, in the dead of winter, is particularly dull. The days are often grey, it is too cold to sit outside. On Wednesday, it was actually warm enough to stand on the patio, for a few minutes, and enjoy some sunshine, but it was short lived. Today, it is -16C and is not expected to get any warmer. 

Surprisingly, I have started reading again. In November and December, I had no interest in books, but I have been reading a lot lately. Most of them are mysteries or romances, nothing really heavy. I did read the Giller Prize winner for 2020, "How to Pronounce Knife". It was interesting, stories told from the prospective of new immigrants. 

I have also been knitting. I started a shawl, in early January, and I have been working away at it. I am now in the last section.

The yarn was a set of  2 skeins, from Zen Yarn Garden, that I received as a gift. I have just changed skeins, for the last section, and the new skein has some pink, and purple, as well as some creamy sections and more of the teal. Maybe I'll add some beads. The yarn has lovely stitch definition and a bit of sparkle.

The only sewing I have done is to finish a hand sanitizer pouch, that I had an order for. It looked like a bunch of others, so I couldn't see the point of taking a picture. I've lost track of how many I've done, but I must be close to 25, now. 

I have lots of ideas of what I might like to do, but I haven't settled on one. My sewing space is chilly, today, so I think knitting will be the way to go, this afternoon.


  1. Hoo boy......that's cold. I can't even begin to imagine what that would be like. I do like your new shawl.

  2. That's so cold, and your yarn, a lovely shade. perfect for beating the lockdown blues!!

  3. The winter cold is here for the next while. You have the perfect escape from the winter cold and lockdowns, knitting your beautiful shawl.

  4. Catherine: You have been busy. Good thing we can find things to do at home because this lockdown is going on far too seems lockdown is not going away for awhile. Of course, none of us want the Covid-19 virus either.Stay strong and healthy my friend. Keep knitting, sewing, and reading...we must fill our days or our minds will take us over.