Wednesday, February 10, 2021

It's an Ordinary Day

 I have been busy, sewing, and knitting, though I only have one finish to show you.

Of course, it is more masks. A funny thing happened last week. I had ordered from a local quilt shop, and since they offered it, I got next day local delivery. After 5 days of waiting for my next day delivery, I contacted the store, and discovered that they had accidently dropped my parcel on the neighbour's porch. She offered to go get it and deliver it to my house, but I thought I could walk the 100ft. or so. I did think it odd the the neighbour didn't send it over, or send me a message. It turned out that the parcel was in a plastic bag, with no identification on it at all.  When I sent the neighbour a text, she was happy that I was coming to get it. Since she had taken such good care of the parcel, that contained polypropylene to interline masks, I offered to make her daughters some masks for school. So, these are the ones I have finished so far. I have lots of scraps of fun fabrics, so I will make a few more, in some other patterns.

The dining room conservatory continues to brighten my days.

 We see one or two of these, every week.

The azalea is a riot of colour.

Meanwhile, the amaryllis shows promise of  future blooms with three flower stalks coming, so far.

The other day, I came across an uplifting video of Canadian doctors singing a song from the Newfoundland group, Great Big Sea. They look like they are having a wonderful time. It's a virtual kitchen party!

It's An Ordinary Day by The Canadian Physicians' Virtual Choir


  1. At least your masks are cheerful......and so are your flowers!

    1. You are surrounded by colour and cheer. Those masks looks amazing. Your plants are definitely enjoying their winter.

  2. I loved that YouTube clip! Thank you so much for the link.