Tuesday, March 9, 2021


As I have been sorting and tidying my "stuff", I have been looking at my UFO's and decided what to do with them. Some I have totally lost interest in, so their materials have rejoined the stash to become something else. Some are actually getting finished.

First up: Through the Witch's Midnight Garden

I am socially distanced from all my usual shawl models, so I resorted to the hook on the bathroom door. The yarn is two skeins I was gifted at Christmas time. 

Lots of easy to follow lace, which was pleasant to knit. 

Lovely shades hiding in the second skein. The picture doesn't really show it, but the yarn is glittery, because it has "Stellina" blended into the yarn.

I played yarn chicken on this one, and won, sort of. I used nearly every inch of the two skeins and I have a join in the yarn, in the cast off. Hopefully, it will hold.

This is the Spring Rainbow shawl.

It is a one ball shawl from Katia Yarns. I started the shawl in 2017. I think I got bored after awhile, and put it aside for other projects. However, after a bunch of Zoom meetings, it is done. 

Again, I played yarn chicken, and this time, I lost.

The ends should really match, but I didn't make it. I imagine if the beige is wrapped over the navy and held with a shawl pin, it won't be noticed.

Finally, we have Floatini. It was finished last May, but has been waiting to have all the ends woven it. Last week, while supervising Remote School for my grandson, I sat and wove in the ends. So now it is done.

This one had lots of yarn left over. It is light as a feather, and is done in time for spring outings. It is done in mohair, merino and silk. It's a lovely, light and soft shawl. The pattern looks much more complicated than it actually is, but if you don't like counting, I wouldn't recommend it.

In my sorting, I came across a fabric panel.

I feel as though these need to become spring purses. As I recall, the panel was a gift from someone who thought it looked like my kind of fabric.


  1. Beautiful top shawl, the colours are so gentle. Then bright swirly fabric, you could do anything with this.

  2. Love your shawls......the first one is really gorgeous. I can see the sparkle! Your fabric panels are fun, I look forward to seeing what they become.

  3. Your shawl are just stunning! I can just imagine how beautiful they are in person.

  4. Floatini looks interesting but it might be too hard for me esp as it uses two colours. I do miss knitting but I've re-injured my left arm twice more so knitting has to wait.