Saturday, March 6, 2021

Project Quilt Season 12 Challenge 5

 I discovered Project Quilt last year. The idea is that a challenge is posted on a Sunday and you must have a completed quilt on the theme by the following Sunday. The rules are pretty loose as to what constitutes a "quilt". The rules for this weeks challenge are here:

This week, with the theme of Crazy Patch, I decided to enter.

Tada! I have a completed "quilt". It is 10ish inches by 7ish inches and I call it "Canajan, Eh". The fabric is left over from a quilt I made for Canada 150, and from the apron I made for my son. The binding is left over from something else. It will look lovely under my mug in my sewing room.

I have done machine crazy patch before. This is my camera case.

So, this should have been easy. However, I forgot how I had done it before. So this was my first attempt.

It has two problems. I didn't have enough coordinating scraps for the red, black, and red fabric. and I forgot that you need to trim after each seam.

Yesterday morning, I tossed the whole thing and started over, with a bag of much more coordinated scraps.

Within an hour, I had this. 

I made a practice sandwich to test out the embroidery stitches. From there is was a quick job to finish the piece. I stitched the back side of the binding, this morning, and it is complete. 

And this, of course, is the back. I covered all my stitches with a piece of silly fabric. Looks much tidier.


  1. Love your crazy piecing! Especially love the backing fabric.

  2. I used to be into crazy patchwork. But it's a lot of work and my results aren't always great. Sometimes I think it's easier to throw away my scraps then keep them and believe that one day they'll be incorporated into some gorgeous patchwork. p.s. I always start my crazy patchwork with a five sided shape.

  3. Sometimes, we just need a refresher course on techniques we've used before. Especially when it's been a while since our last attempt. Your mug rug turned out great (the second time around!)

  4. this is great! Thanks for sharing your journey and more importantly - thank you for entering :)

  5. Love all the crazy patchwork ,eh? Very Canadian inspired.