Sunday, June 20, 2021

This and That

 After a week of power sewing, I have spent the past week recovering.

I have spent 40 months involved in a church team, working toward becoming an Affirming Ministry. Affirming Ministries are welcome, inclusive, loving and seek justice for all creation. This, of course, includes the LGBT community and their family and friends. Last Sunday, we asked the congregation if they agreed to become an Affirming Ministry.  This explains the rainbow heart pulpit fall. 

This is what people saw on Zoom, last Sunday. 

I also made sure the participants were suitably rainbow attired.

Masks and ribbons for everyone who was in the building (there were 10).

The vote was overwhelmingly in approval of moving forward. So, I'll need to make a communion table runner, next!

My current bag project is nearly finished. The lining has been finished. The interior pockets are in place, and the lining has been stitched into the bag. 

As you can see, the bag was too thick to complete the top stitching, over the front strap. However, that will be under the flap.  I just have the crossbody strap to finish now.

I got myself a treat. I was given a gift certificate to a fabric shop I don't often shop at. I have had it for months so I decided to look for something to use it on. I don't usually buy them, but I got a fat quarter pack.

This is 7 fabrics from the Tula Pink collection " Curiouser and Curiouser", in the blue colourway. Sadly, it didn't include the Cheshire Cat fabric.

One of my pet peeves is fat quarters that aren't cut on the straight of grain. Really, how hard can it be. This one is out by about 1/2" in one direction and 1" in the other. I suspect that it is caused by the manufacturers not printing the design straight, on the fabric and the stores trying to follow the pattern on the fabric. Interfacing on the back of the fabric helps when it is going to be a bag. However, sewing in straight lines is much easier, if the fabric is cut on grain.


  1. The lining of your current bag project fits nicely with your shurch's rainbow theme. Bonus fabric is always good, and would be even better if it was cut straight.

  2. Love the masks and the runner, colours that go with your bag too. Fabric not cut straight is not a good start to any project, and with smaller pieces you seem to lose so much when it is cut properly.

  3. Wow, the bag looks amazing. Fat quarters are always more exciting to look at, as for how it is cut.... just enjoy your beautiful fabrics!

  4. As the nicer weather prevails I think your sewing inside may change to outdoor pursuits. You better boogie on getting the communion table runner complete. All the best.