Tuesday, August 17, 2021

I Sewed Something!

 I've been avoiding my sewing room for weeks, but I saw something on another blog, last week, and had to try it.

From Sandra's blog MMM quilts, I saw these makeup bags.


Since I have a bunch of charm squares and no plans for them, I grabbed 9 and started cutting. I have lots of batting scraps, so I got one of those, and some scrap fabric for the lining.

This is my version of Sandra's bag.

The other side.


And the lining! My seams mostly match, my zipper is a nice contrast and the lining was a perfect match. These charm squares were a give away by Northcott from the AQS show in Syracuse, a few years ago. There were nine in the package. They were meant to become a little pouch.

I'd try a few more, but I don't know just what I would do with the pouches.

Meanwhile, the Birds of a Feather shawl is progressing.

It is going to be a long shawl.

And, a new foster cat has arrived. Say hello to Mia. 

She will be with us, until somebody sees her on the web, and decides she needs to live with them.


  1. Hello, Mia! Your shawl is really interesting, I like it. That's an interesting bag, I shall check it out.....looks like an easy make. You could always pop a gift inside, it would then be wrapping.

  2. Mia looks like she has settled in well. Your bag and the shawl looks amazing. The shawl looks like a feather!

  3. You've been busy! I like your patchwork pouch. Especially your choice of colour for the zipper! I can see the fuzziness of the mauve yarn. Nice!

  4. Yes, Sandra is the ultimate enabler! She encourages it with her end-of-the-month squirrel link party!!! Pretty yarn on the shawl!