Tuesday, September 14, 2021

More Masks

 I seem to have disappeared again. However, I've been knitting, and reading. Of course, back to school in Ontario means more masks. Little people are going to in-person learning for the first time, while some are returning to school after a five month break. 

I have lots of fabric, so I don't charge for my masks, parents have enough on their plates right now. Instead, I ask for a donation to our local food Cupboard, of back to school supplies. I said yes, too many times, so it turned into a bit of a marathon. I finished 27 masks for elementary students, by Sunday.

I discovered that my vintage Singer does a nice job on the top stitching, and isn't bothered by the multiple layers.

She is 82 years old and still shines like a debutant!

The masks have all been sent to their new homes, but now I have requests from university students! So, I guess there will be more masks in the future. I bet they don't want Paw Patrol, although I think Super Dinos might go over well with the university crowd. 

However, I have plans for a bag first. I need a new cross-body bag for walking. 

Meanwhile, if you drop in for coffee, today, I have Orange Zucchini Bread. 


  1. You've been busy! I find little kids wearing masks really cute. The tiny little mask on their tiny little faces.

  2. Orange zucchini bread sounds - and looks - good! I suspect that making masks has turned into almost a business for many people, whether they want it or not......all because they can sew, while other can't/don't/won't.

  3. I'll bet you've got your mask making down to a science. Your vintage Singer is beautiful. Mine isn't as old as yours, but it does a very nice job, too.

  4. Love your masks - you are a mask making monster (MMM)! :-) BTW, I learned to sew on a Singer too, a long long time ago. I loved it! :-)