Sunday, November 7, 2021

A Productive Week

 I'm doing fairly well on this quarter of  WIPS-B-Gone 2021. I have finished both the pouches for the Cat Rescue and this week, I completed a binding on a quilt for the local veteran's supportive housing.

My friend Lois is an amazing quilter, but bindings aren't her "thing", while oddly, they are mine. So, I put this binding on her quilt.

It is always amazing to look in your stash and find the perfect fabric. This fabric had many of the colours Lois had used, so it was made for this quilt.

Look at Lois's fabulous hand quilting.

Meanwhile, I had a request for some baby socks from a soon-to-be Great Grandmother. How could I say no?

They knit up so fast. I use Kate Atherley's free pattern.

I also started a toddler hat, this morning, during virtual church. 

Looks like a quick knit. I should have it done in a couple of days.

Meanwhile, look what I got.

I received it the same day as I made Christmas cake. The cakes are now resting and waiting to become somewhat more "boozy". The Advent Calendar is waiting for Advent. 

I think there are 4 more days in this quarter of the 100 days of WIP, so I need to find a quick finish!


  1. That will be a warm cos quilt......and your fower behind the binding is very pretty! Yes, a baby needs new socks, and I like the new hat. Yummm, choccies......!

  2. Lovely socks, the hand quilting is beautiful, finding a binding a huge bonus, and a hat on the way, at least with virtual online church, quilting, meeting friends and more, hands can be busy as well.

  3. Great projects - I adore those little socks! xx

  4. Beautiful quilt, wonderful quilting. It will be a real cozy comfort for a vet. Thanks for sharing the baby socks pattern; though I have a couple of "old reliable" ones I use, it's always good to have back-up!

  5. Great quilt ... what a beautiful job.
    The baby socks are cute.
    Yes Lind chocolate, advent calendar is a MUST.
    Have a happy week. Many greetings to you from Viola

  6. Beautiful and bright quilt, it will warm and cheer at the same time. So many amazing finishes and lots of baby goodies. Have to smile at those adorable baby socks!