Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Just Random

 My forsythia bush has decided to bloom, and I saw a mention online for Forsythia Flower Syrup. So I decided to try to make some. Looking for recipes I discovered that you just put about a cup of flowers in a jar, make a simple syrup from 1 cup of sugar and 1 cup of water, Pour the boiling water over the flowers and let steep overnight. Then strain and it is ready.

I lined the strainer basket with a coffee filter and poured it in, this morning. I couldn't get the last little bit to go through the filter, so I just spooned it off and into the bowl underneath.

The result is this light yellow syrup that tastes kind of like honey. I guess that isn't really surprising. Much like other odd things that one eats in a northern spring (fiddleheads, wild garlic), I suspect a long winter gives pinings for things that taste fresh and sunny. 

I going to try adding it to my "iron water" (lucky iron fish) to add a little sweetness and spring to my water. Now I just need some fiddleheads. I wonder when the farmers' market opens?

I may have had a bit of a splurge, the other day. I saw this fabric and it was just what I was looking for for my next bag project.

It looked very summery, with hummingbirds, dragonflies and butterflies. Okay, so I'll order a bit. Except a bit always seems to become a bit more.

And now I have added this. It is okay, I have a use for them all, I think. Now, I just need a bit more time.


  1. They are beautiful fabrics, and as you order online, make the postage to include a little or a lot more. Love the little doggies, but the turquoise one is my pick.

  2. That is indeed a pretty fabric....love the other fabrics too, especially the cats! You could probably make flower water from several different flowers.

  3. Now I look closer and pay attention, I can see the kitties there. However, I can use having Covid as a valid excuse to get them muddled up!!!

  4. The floral fabric looks gorgeous! I had never heard of forsythia flower syrup, interesting. My favourite at this time of year - or in a few weeks time now that I am in UK - is elderflower cordial. I shall have to scout round the local hedges to find the elderflowers now that I no longer have a ready supply in my garden. xx

  5. Love the rainbow square fabric and the tea is interesting.

  6. Love the big floral/hummingbird print; it'll be great in a bag (or two). As for the syrup...you've now got me wondering if that would work with dandelion blossoms. I've made dandelion jam, but it requires a packet of commercial pectin. If I can make a syrup with just sugar and water, that would be less expensive. Might have to give that a try! P.S. I'm signed in to my Google Account/Blogger, but this might come through as Anonymous anyway, because I'm not sure your comment settings are recognizing this. Ain't technology wonderful?!

  7. I've never heard of Forsythia Flower Syrup, but I love the idea of using something that grows for free in your garden. I also love that cat fabric. Very cute!