Monday, April 4, 2022

Not Much Has Changed

 I'm not sure what happened to the past week. I did some cleaning, attended my on-line yoga classes,  and finished a couple of projects that were waiting.

The socks in Gryffindor house colours are finished. I like how they turned out. 

The forsythia also flowered, so it looks like the bush will soon be covered in bright yellow. I may cut some apple branches this week so I can have apple blossoms for Easter.

I also made more masks. Although our mask mandates are removed, the case numbers are still rising, so it just seem prudent to do a spring refresh on masks.

I added a couple of new fabrics into the mix.

Next up is the semiannual Change the Blade in the Rotary Cutter. As well, I plan to clean my sewing machine and change the needle, and put away all the things sitting out from bag and mask making. I have a plan for another bag, but I need to tidy a bit first and check that I have everything I need.


  1. Fun socks....did you use one specially dyed ball, or knit from two balls? Your Forsythia is an annual treat, the only time I ever get to see it as it doesn't grow here, and I really like yellow flowers.

  2. Spring is a good time to tidy up and start anew. I love your socks!

  3. The socks are great! And I admire (yet again) your skill with fiddly items, such as those pretty masks.

  4. Socks looks amazing, masks we wear to places with a lot of traffic and the pharmacy. Outdoors we enjoy just fresh air. Hard to believe it is April 2022.