Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Decluttering Experts Are Wrong!

 In my efforts to tidy up and reclaim space, I've read some decluttering experts. One piece of advice I've seen over and over again is to get rid of things you haven't used in the last year, or items you haven't used recently and could replace if you needed them again.

Of course, this advice doesn't take into account that every now and again a severe storm passes through, and we are left with no power for a really significant period of time. 

The violent storm that passed through Southern Ontario and Quebec left quite a bit of destruction behind. The giant transmission towers coming into the city were bent over, causing a really large number of residents to lose power. So far, there have been 10 deaths attributed to the storm, all caused by falling trees.

We were very lucky that our neighbourhood had very little damage. Other areas were much harder hit and a local school now has no roof. 

Which brings us to the "clutter". When our children were young, we used to go camping every summer.  We slept in tents, on the ground and communed with nature. (Please don't ask about the black rat snake I found sunning itself behind the car.)

In time, we acquired equipment to make the experience a bit more comfortable. It is all still in 4 bins in the basement. It was last used for camping when our sons were in collage and would go camping with their friends, as an excuse to get away from parents. However, it is those things that make camping more comfortable that are very handy when the power is off for over a day. Our camping kettle, coffee maker and flashlights were all useful. So, I guess I was right to hold on to them. 

However, maybe we could let the snowshoes go.

And, because a blog needs a picture:

A bit of visible mending!


  1. How many times have we gotten rid of some 'unnecessary thing' that was cluttering up our home, only to need that very thing almost right away? I agree with you on the decluttering experts. I also LOVE your visible mend!!

  2. I tend to hold onto a lot of "things": but we have given away all the big camping gear, held onto the little gas stove, and gradually other items are going to our local opportunity shop. Decluttering is fine, but Murphy's Law will show itself the first spell of power loss, roads closed or confinement to home and no mail deliveries. I, too, love the mend.

  3. Exactly, and how many times have you got rid of something only to go looking for it a few weeks later, I know I have! xx

  4. Haha. Here I thought you were going to tell us about getting rid of something and then finding out you really could've used it...don't ask how I may know that... As for that storm, it totally missed us thank goodness, though how I don't know. It stayed to the north instead of following Lake Erie. Just awful, the destruction and how our premier and his government have done nothing to help. I am glad your neighbourhood go through okay.

  5. Just as well you did hang onto that camping stuff...we've been reading about those nasty storms.

  6. ...so I'm sure... I would keep the snowshoes :-)))
    But we gave away the diving equipment :-)

  7. I think that decluttering is over-rated! I have no intention of ever doing it unless I am compelled to downsize and move into smaller accommodation. In the meantime I intend to hang on to the things I love, useful or not!