Monday, May 9, 2022

Suddenly Spring - As Usual

 Winter seems to hold on forever. April seemed to alternate between cold, wet days and snow! Then, one day, it is spring, in all it's brief glory.

Daffodils were my mother's favourite flower. So these always bring me a smile.

Our area is know for tulips, since 1945, when the Dutch Royal Family gave us bulbs in thanks for providing safety to Queen Juliana and her family during WW2. 

The tulip meter says that today, the tulips are 5 out of 10

These are my tulips.

As well as some yet to open.

Since the squirrels are known to move the bulbs in the fall, it is always a surprise where and what colour might pop up.

There are also wood violets appearing in the lawn.

These are all a feast for us to see after a long winter.

I do yoga a couple of times a week. If I leave to dogs alone, and no one else is home, they bark and bother me, so this week, we all did yoga together.

I use the yoga mat with a chair as a prop. Doug is trying to be a good dog and not put his paws on my mat.

No sewing this week. Not sure what happened to prevent that. 


  1. Tulips, my favourite spring bulbs. Recently Daniel Faitaua, our London Correspondent, visited the Netherlands and posted some photos of their visit to the Keukenhof Park. Acres and acres, a massive display, and to think that is where the Canadian bulbs all originated. Enjoy those flowers. My Mum had snowdrops along a hedge line, and every year in July for our birthdays, on the same day, they would flower.

  2. Doug seems to take his commitment to staying off your mat very seriously. :) He's very handsome.

  3. Love the daffodils and the tulips. dogs dodging yoga with you, is priceless. Have an amazing day!

  4. I really like the daffodils and tulips, when they bloom spring is in full swing. My tulips in the garden are fading, but the lilac bush bloom... Thanks to your link I read that the Tulip Festival is now taking place in Ottawa... I wish you a lot of fun. And I also read that there are over 100 different tulips in the city... it must be breathtakingly beautiful :-))) Greetings to you. Viola

  5. Loved that bag you sewed; wish I could stitch such useful items. Here in the Ottawa Valley, the spring has been off and on which has affected my flower blooming very much. Good for you for doing the yoga!