Friday, November 11, 2022


I don't have much to show for the last couple of weeks. Halloween has come and gone. I again made masks for my neighbourhood friends to wear to school, along with some sweet goodies.

I love this fabric. Baby Yoda was very popular with the recipients. 

I finished some socks.

The colourway was listed as Border Collie but it looks more like Zebra to me.

The Christmas cakes got baked, and are now maturing in the cupboard. Next week, they will be given another shot off rum.

I did some sewing for other people, bindings and labels. I delivered a couple of donated quilts. 

Our favourite little boy came for a sleepover, and stayed for the next day, since it was a PA day for the teachers. 

Mudd got into a tissue box and made it snow in the bathroom. (All paper products are now being stored in places he hasn't found yet.)

Emme would like you to know that she is not getting enough treats for her liking. She also says that healthy snacks are not treats.

I have started my Christmas shopping. I just need to remember where everything has been stored. I am trying to keep my crafting plans down to a minimum. I often plan more than I can possibly finish in November and December. I think all the socks are knit. I have a cowl finished as well. So there is no urgency in the knitting. I have a couple of things to sew yet. 

Meanwhile, our unseasonably warm weather means that the firewood has been laid in, the Christmas lights are up, the snow tires are on the car, and winter can come without a panic. The expectation is that that will likely happen, next week. Perhaps more cowls will be required.


  1. My first thought, on seeing your socks, was zebra.....then I read "border collie".....but I still think zebra. The baby Yoda fabric is indeed fun! Ah yes, cats and tissues and toilet paper seem to have a natural affinity for each other.

  2. One cat we had loved balls of wool, one was lime green, and it was tangled round every leg of every chair and the table. It's such a wonderful feeling of security to be ready for winter.Tissues, that would have been so messy to clean up.

  3. Poor, disadvantaged Emme! Perhaps she feels she should be rewarded for *not* shredding the TP! ;-)

    I too made a pair of those B&W socks in 2019, for my son, who has tuxedo cats. I used the "Good Plain Sock" recipe from Stephanie different results than you did, but maybe it was due to the sock size (number of stitches). Funky! (see

  4. Cats always want the treats, how much fun can you have with a collection of paper products? Not enough snow according to this feline, time to create it!? Love the socks, this year all gifts are stored in one place so far. Glad the little guy got to come for some fun and a sleepover, not ready for the cold yet. All the snow tyres and winterized projects are done and dusted. Baking will happen soon, you are ahead of us, keep warm and toasty. Maggie