Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Christmas is Coming - Ready or Not

 So I am baking and making, and decorating, and ... I have two deadlines, one to mail stuff across the country and one for those of us who are here. 

The tree is up.

Of course, the bins are not put away, because there are still some things that need to come out.

Emme would like you to know that she helped.

You can see what a great help she was. 

In the evenings, I knit and I managed to make a neck warmer in a couple of evenings of Hallmark movies. Neck warmers have replaced the long scarves of my youth, in the school yards. Safer and less likely to get lost.

I need to work on centering my pictures. Note the festive table covering.

I was asked for the "pattern" so I will share it with you, too. 

I had a 100 gm ball of worsted weight yarn (acrylic so it can go in the washer), and I cast on 88 stitches, loosely, on a 5mm 16" circular needle. I did a K2P2 rib until it looked long enough (about 6") and cast off using a stretchy cast off. The cast off caused the bottom to flare, and I liked it. It is done and it fits over an adult head, so it should fit somebody in early elementary. I used just over 40 gm of yarn, so you can get 2 from the ball. Presto, winter warmth. I suppose it needs a matching hat.


  1. A matching hat would be tickety-boo! Emme, wouldn't it be fun to have your very own little tree just for you? And perhaps one for Mudd too, then you wouldn't have to share with the humans.

  2. Will definitely try your neck warmer pattern, Emme looks like she had lots of fun! Maggie

  3. That's a nice easy make - a hat would be great! Pretty tree. xx

  4. Love the neck warmer, Kate! And I really appreciate you sharing your pattern Thank you!

  5. I've made two cowls/neckwarmers for Xmas gifts this year -- for a nephew and partner who live in Victoria, B.C. and won't admit it ever gets cold there. They're in their early thirties. Another decade and they'll feel differently! LOL!

    I have a table-top tree that's not going up because I'll be in Edmonton for 2 nights...just long enough for MY feline to wreak havoc. As it is, she's already coughed up a hairball near the shepherd in my table-top creche!! Aaargh! No respect! ;-)