Monday, December 19, 2022

Closer to Ready

I managed to get many things done last week.

I did a lot of baking, which is all gone now.  I filled two boxes and sent them off on Thursday, to points west. 

I made 12 bandanas for my granddogs. I forgot to take a picture before I mailed them but this is what they looked like while in process.

I hemmed them all on my serger, I might do a fancier job if I planned to sell them but the dogs don't care. I kept a couple for Doug. He modeled one for you.

I also finished a pair of mittens to go with the neck warmer from last week.

The hat is currently on the needles.

Over the last 10 weeks or so, a quilt ladies from the church have been in overdrive to produce some Advent banners for the church. It was a monumental project, 10 banners with two for each week of Advent and two for Christmas.

I still go to church virtually but my spy took this picture yesterday. The fabric came from multiple stashes. The other side of the church has the same banners in mirror image. My role in making them was largely putting on a couple of bindings. I think the quilters did an excellent job.

The weather has turned cold, and seems to be here to stay this time. It started to snow, late Thursday and by Saturday morning, we had this.

There is a bird feeder under there somewhere. Emme is disappointed that her friends, the birds, have been hiding.

I guess I need to make some cookies for us, this week. And finish that hat!


  1. I did a lot of baking too, for friends and family. Sadly, the ants found the lemon muffins, I had them in the only container without a lid.Love the banners, they are beautiful.Cookies for yourself, I did save a few for us too.But not like quilting, it all vanishes so quickly, but is enjoyed just as much.

  2. Doug, you look very spiffy in your Christmas bandana! The banners are very eye-catching, I can only imagine how striking they must be in the church. Well done on the knitting too, love the yarn......and Emme, those birds could be in hiding for a while now, you know.

  3. Nice work on the mittens and a hat will finish off the ensemble nicely! Love the banners - what a clever idea. xx

  4. Love the coordinated cowl, mitts and -- soon -- hat! And yes, my Miss Pookie is *most* miffed -- birds in hiding and it's so cold she has to resort to using her litter box! What's a cat to do?! Blessings for Christmas, Kate!

  5. Love the dog bandannas. Doug is doing great, so is Emme. Merry Christmas. Maggie